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A List of Lives That Should Have Never Been Lost

burning bright ..

Anna Mae Cox ~ July 12, 1935- December 1, 1975 (Age 40)
Missed by her Mother, Mema, Daughter, Sister and Believer
"Beaten to death by her husband in the presence of 5 of her children. Her seven children were left motherless - Johnny, Debbie, Mary, Rhonda, Randy, Ronnie and Ruthi. Marty Williams, her killer, was arrested for 2nd degree murder, but was allowed to plea bargained down, and served 1 year in prison for her murder. Within a year of his release from prison, he was seen driving his car into a neighborhood canal, after an argument with a lady friend, resulting in his death."

Karen Stoker-Anderson ~ October 19, 1984
Married to Dennis Anderson for 20-days, when he several beat her before shooting her with his shotgun. Prior to killing Karen, he used the same shotgun to kill her former boyfriend Donald Mason. Dennis Anderson was convicted of double murder in 1985, but the ruling was overturned on the basis of mental incompetence in 1995 and a retrial began in 1997. Anderson was sentenced 17 years to life in prison.

Janice Marie Jones ~ March 5, 1952- April 8, 1985
Beloved Mother
Stalked, raped, and murdered by an ex-boyfriend. The murder took place in front of her two children, ages 11 and 13 at the time. Although the autopsy and death certificate states the cause of death as homicide, her killer was charged with Involuntary Manslaughter Without Malice. He served 18 months and is now free because he murdered her with his fist and not a "weapon" and thus why it was considered "without malice".

Judge Carol Irons ~ October 19, 1989
was murdered by her ex-husband/Officer Clarence Ratliff [Grand Rapids PD]
murdered by her ex husband in 1989, the jury convicted her husband, a former police officer, of manslaughter, punishable by only a maximum 15-year prison term. For firing his gun at two police officers who intervened, he received an attempted murder conviction, carrying a maximum life sentence.
“He got less time for killing his wife than he did for shooting at the police,”

Sharon Kaye Flick ~ December 27, 1988
Beloved Mother. She was stabbed 40+ times by her husband with an ice pick after enduring beatings all day.

Jan Duffy ~ May 1, 1964 - July 12, 1989 (Age 25)
Jan was stalked, beaten, and dragged to an empty house by her ex husband where he held her at gun point for 22 hours, he ended the torture and Jan’s life by shooting her in the chest. After killing Jan, he shot himself in the head.

Carol Stuart ~ October 23, 1989
Charles Stuart and his pregnant wife Carol left a maternity class at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston on Oct. 23, 1989. As they drove home, Charles drove to Mission Hillsand and shot Carol in the head. Charles then shot himself in the abdomen and called 911, saying that he and his wife had been shot. A film crew for CBS’ “Rescue 911,” which had been shooting at the Boston Emergency Medical Services, captured the entire event on camera.

Wendy Ann Croote ~February 28, 1966- June 24, 1990 (Age 24)
Baby David Croote ~ June 24, 1990- June 24, 1990
Wendy, was a wife and mother of a young son, pregnant with another son. A victim of domestic violence, she was shot to death by her husband.

Michelle Marie Warren ~ November 24, 1966 - October 9, 1990 (Age 23)
Lured to the home she had once shared with her ex-boyfriend, to pick up some of her belongings, she was shot and killed before he killed himself.

Vicenta Sanchez-Orellana ~ January 4, 1990 (Age 24)
Badly beaten and burned, her body was found in a ravine off Palomares Canyon Road near the border of Sunol and Castro Valley, Ca. Her husband Oscar Manuel Orellana, was later charged when he filed a missing person report. The report was only filled because he needed paperwork to marry someone else.

Carol Spadoni ~ April 23, 1991 (Age 47)
Was fatally shot by Philip Jablonski . He also raped, sodomized and shot her mother Eva Petersen (72). A day earlier he had killed Fathyma Vann in Riverside County. He was on parole after serving 12 years for the 1978 murder of his girlfriend Melinda Kimball. In 2006 the California Supreme Court upheld his death sentence.

Donna Ann Morrow ~ December 19, 1991 (Age 37)
Was murdered in Menlo Park, Ca., following an argument with her husband, Joseph Morrow, who fled the country. Her body was found in 2003 in the Santa Cruz Mountains on property that had been owned by Joseph Morrow. Police tracked Morrow to Manila, where he was arrested in Jan, 2003. Morrow’s trial began in 2006. In 2007 Morrow (59) agreed to be sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

Kerry O’Neill ~ December 1, 1993
Distraught over their recent breakup, Ensign George Smith, 24, showed up at the door of the Wyoming Valley West grad’s apartment at the Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado, Calif., with a 9-millimeter Ruger. When Lt. jg. Alton L. Grizzard, 24, a former Navy quarterback and mutual friend, answered the door for O’Neill, Smith fired four shots, killing Grizzard. Smith then shot O’Neill in the head as she hid behind a chair, before turning the gun on himself. She was a former star athlete at the U.S. Naval Academy

Kathleen Schurer Wood ~ September 25, 1993
Beloved Mother
Stabbed to death by estranged husband. She leaves behind 2 small children.

Gina Maria ~ June 1, 1967-June 9, 1993 (Age 26)
Shaun Edwards ~ December 1, 1989-June 9, 1993 (Age 4)
Joshua Lee ~ November 10, 1992-June 9, 1993 (Age 1)
Gina’s Mother Speaks of her daughter and grandchildren and the devistating effects of domestic violence. “Wednesday June 9, 1993, our son-in-law poured gasoline in the living room, up the stairs, and right into Gina's bedroom, lit a match, and walked away — walked away with not a burn on his body; walked away with no carbon monoxide in his lungs; walked away while my daughter and two grandsons died in the inferno".
"The cycle of domestic violence was now complete — he now had the ultimate form of control — Gina, Shaun, Joshua — they were now the silent witnesses to murder".
"It was seconds of terror that forever changed the world — That's when their lives ended — and when the nightmare for our family began."
"Gina had gotten the little house, the two cars, the kids, and even the dog. The only thing is — she married a man that needed total power and control over her — he made his choice and he never thought of the consequences".
"My son-in-law is no longer in control of my daughter. As he sits in his brown cell dressed in his brown clothes the only one he can control now is himself. He isn't controlling our lives any more. The world's violence has leaked into our home which is to be a safe place. Through all this we are forever changed but we are continuing. We know our son-in-law is no longer in control of my daughter and grandsons — they are now sleeping with the angels".

Anne Scripps Douglas ~ January 6, 1994
Scott Douglas (38) beat his wife, with a claw hammer in their Bronxville home, Dec.32, 1993. She went into a coma and died Jan 6, 1994.

Wylea Estee' Smith ~ March 31, 1966- August 19, 1994 (Age 28)
Beloved Daughter, Granddaughter, Niece, Cousin, "Lil Girl", Friend
Stalked and Murdered by an ex- boyfriend.

Anne Morgan ~ February 28, 1958 - January 1, 1995 (Age 37)
"Murdered by her husband Brian at their home in Berkshire in 1995. He repeatedly hit her over the head with a hammer. She left 2 children behind, Dawn and Carla

Tammy Lea Pugh-Schaefer-Jones-Bryant ~ March 3, 1966 - February 7, 1996 (Age 30)
Beloved Mother, Daughter, Sister
She was shot while sleeping by her husband Vince, who also turned the gun on himself. Her children were upstairs at the time. Her 9 year old daughter found them and carried her younger sister to a neighbor to get help

Karen Joy ~ February 10, 1997 (Age 38)
Beaten to death by her boyfriend with a marble rolling pin. She leaves behind three young children and is sadly missed. An argument ensued, police said, and in the ensuing scuffle Austin grabbed a rolling pin from a kitchen counter and hit her with it. Joy died at the home around 12:30 a.m.. Neighbors said the couple quarreled frequently. "They would fight a lot," said Christine Norton, who lives across the street. "The cops would show up on weekends, talk to them and go away five minutes later." Joy had two young daughters from a previous marriage, but the children were with their father at the time of the slaying, they said. Patrick Austin, was charged with second-degree murder.

Reyzjohn William Allen Rominoff ~ July 24, 1994
"Stillborn son of Alisha Allen Rominoff July 24, 1994 delivered at 8 1/2 months after Alisha was thrown down a flight of stairs and then left to suffer for 2 days while her husband, a police officer, refused to get help for her or the baby.
Alisha Allen Rominoff ~ Last Seen 1997
Alisha has been missing since 1997. “Alisha's husband has said she left of her own free will, however Alisha's friends and family suspect foul play."

Patricia Mary (McCulloch) Straiton ~ June 15, 1953 - August 13, 1997 (Age 44)
Beloved mother of 5 children and 3 grandchildren.
"Murdered by James Straiton, her then husband of two years; he brutally attacked her whilst she was sleeping then strangled her. He then sent her young son upstairs to speak to her knowing she was dead and on the bedroom floor. James Straiton served four years in prison after plea bargaining. He killed her because she threatened to divorce him after years of humiliation and beatings".

Sabrina Bebb-Jones ~ September 18, 1997 (Age 31)
Was reported missing by fellow employees in 1997. Sabrina’s remains, skull, where not found and identified until 2004. Marcus Bebb-Jones, her husband, was found and arrested in 2009.

Gina Barnett ~ November 17, 1997 (Age 25)
Was killed by her husband James Nivette, their son was found a day before abandoned in another county. James Nivette had fled the country, but was found and arrested in France on Nov 20.

Cathy Gail Carnes Brown ~ July 15, 1963- December 22, 1997 (Age 34)
Was murdered by her soon to be ex husband, just 3 days before Christmas.
She suffered 19 year of abuse before she raised the curage to finally leave. During the course of the divorce proceedings, she obtained several EPO's, for threats he made on her life. She tried several times to get help from authorities, to no avail. She was scared for her life. He followed her home and shot her through the window in the back of the head while she sat on the couch, in front of our Christmas tree. He took a plea barging and receiving a short 20 years. He is eligible for parole this December 2007”.

Janne L. Walters ~ August 3, 1957- September 13, 1998 (Age 41)
Beloved Daughter, Sister, Mother, Grandmother and Best Friend
Janne's neck was broken when she told her abusive boyfriend to move out.

Julie Scully ~ January 8, 1999                                                                  
From Mansfield, N.J., told her Greek boyfriend George Skiadopoulos
 she was leaving. George freaked out; he told Julie she was not leaving him. They argued some more, until George, in a rage, choked Julie. Julie struggled, and George just choked her harder. He finally strangled her to death. George Skiadopoulos mutilated and disposed of her body. January 26, 1999 George confessed to her murder and was sentenced to life in prison. A Greek appeals court in 2002 reduced his life sentence to 23 years in prison

Nancy Richards-Akers ~ June 5, 1999
Was shot twice in the back of the head by her abusive husband, Jeremy Ray Akers,
as she sat in her Jeep Wrangler outside her former home. The couple's school-age children witnessed their mother's murder, and 11-year-old Zeb called 911. Ninety minutes later, as police approached him across the grassy area in front of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Jeremy Akers put the barrel of a shotgun in his own mouth and pulled the trigger. In the February before her death Nancy Richards-Akers characterized her husband in e-mail correspondence as a "violent, possessive, terrorist control-freak."

Heather Lynne Williamson ~ May 21, 1976- April 19, 1999 (Age 23)
Beloved Mother, Daughter, Granddaughter, Sister, Friend Was stalked,beaten, and stabbed to death by an ex- boyfriend Tony Ortiz 9 months after ending their relationship. On April 15, 1999, she was assaulted in the parking lot, by Tony Ortiz. She fought him off, but suffered a broken left wrist, he threatened to kill her, and her baby! On April 16, 1999, he broke into her apartment and waited for her. Heather was too scared to go home so she stayed with a co-worker for a couple of days. On April 19, 1999, a police officer told Heather that Tony was in jail on $40,000 bond; which was not true. She returned to her apartment where she was stabbed to death. Tony was allowed to plea-bargain and got second degree murder, and 40 years. This man had numerous court orders to stay away from Heather but he would not. Kiven, Heather’s son was 18 months old when she was murdered, and she also had a 4 year old son, Xavier
Matthew James Williamson ~ Heather’s Stillborn child, died as a result of a hard blow to his pregnant mother's stomach by his father.
Cynthia Rena Williamson ~ 6 1/2 month old fetus, died as a result of her pregnant mother being kicked in the stomach with steel tipped work boots by her estranged father.

Lauren Elizabeth Hafford ~ February 17, 1977 - April 13, 1999 (Age 22)
Beloved Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Niece, Cousin, and Friend
Physically and emotionally abused by the man she loved, her husband. At age 22, she left him, after he did not follow through on promises of getting the counseling he needed. Lauren was at work, talking to her sister on the phone, when her husband shot her in the back of the head at point-blank range.

Kim Krebs ~ May 11, 1977- November 11, 1999 (Age 22)
Beloved Mother and Cousin
"Her boyfriend, and the father of her 2 children, stabbed her 21 times and left her to bleed to death the day she told him she wanted to end the relationship. Her boyfriend did this horrible act in front of his 6 year old daughter and their 2 year old. He was sentenced to life in prison and he hung himself after just 3 months in the state penitentiary. As of now, his mother has custody of Kayla."

Nichole Francine Garrett ~ February 12, 1969- November 7, 1999 (Age 30)
Beloved Daughter, Mother, Friend
Former battered wife, now deceased.

Melissa Faye Lonon ~ May 20, 1981- November 5, 1999 (Age 18)
Beloved Daughter, Sister, Mother, Friend                                                   
On November 5th, 1999, Melissa was kidnapped at gunpoint from her home by Matt Hart--father of her children. She was home with her 2 year old daughter Madison, 3 month old son Drew, and my 3 year old son Anthony, He came over at 9:30 p.m. with a gun. He threatened to kill her and the kids but Missy pleaded with him and finally convinced him to take her and leave the house. She locked the doors, so the babies couldn't get outside, and left with him. Matt call the police and told them to check on the kids because he had Missy and was going to kill her. The police located Matt and Missy using infrared and surrounded them on the ground while the helicopter monitored them from the air. Noticing that Matt had a gun, the police on the ground ordered the helicopter to illuminate the area. When they did, Matt put the gun to Missy's head and pulled the trigger. He then shot himself. Missy died on the way to the hospital; Matt lived for a few hours longer and then died.

Mary Gail Maggard Eversole ~ November 27, 1948- September 18, 2000 (Age 52)
Beloved Sister
Shot one time in the back of the head with a 9mm, by her husband. He also killed two others, before he took his own life. "

Rachel Susan Miller ~ May 27, 1970 - April 26, 2000 (Age 29)
Beloved Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend
Rachel Miller was pregnant with Baby Christopher she was murdered by her first husband Bruce Daniels. He received no punishment for killing Christopher because of a technicality.
Domestic Violence causes a rippling effecting, spreading and impacting those close to the victims.
Tyler Edmond Daniels Miller ~ May 17, 1989 - June 11, 2001
Rachel’s Son, killed himself because he could not bear the pain of his mother's murder, from Domestic Violence, by his biological father, Bruce Daniels. Tyler was 12 years old.
Rachel’s Words: As a victim of the most extreme forms of physical and verbal domestic abuse for six years - having been beaten bloody and unconscious on a regualr basis, having been raped and tortured almost daily, Rachel came to a point where she knew that, while she had the support of family and friends, it was ultimately her alone who would and could make the final decision to walk away from something that wasn't right and could no longer continue.
That was probably the most difficult thing for Rachel to do in her whole life. She always believed that marriage was something you do not take lightly. She took the words "till death do us part" literally up to that point. Rachel's children, whom she loved and cherished more than anything in the world, were the product of this marriage. Before she made this difficult decision, Rachel thought it was her duty to God, and to her family, to continue things as they were. Then she realized that "till death do us part" took on a whole new meaning! If she stayed, this man would kill her. Each beating escalated to the point that she was convinced this man would end her life if she stayed.
Imagine how Rachel felt the day she decided to walk away for her own safety and for the safety of her children. She didn't sneak out of the house. She waited for the father of her children to come home. She looked him in the face and told him she was leaving, and with escorts, she did so with her children and ran for three years in fear.
The above account was told by Rachel one month before her ex-husband stalked and murdered her. Rachel died 13 days after the brutal assault.

Claire Tempongko ~ October 22, 2000 (Age 28)
Was repeatedly stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend Tarin Ramirez in front of her 2 children (5 & 10) in her basement apartment. Like most domestic violence homicides, Claire Tempongko's death was completely predictable and preventable. For more than 18 months, she had repeatedly called San Francisco police to report Ramirez's violence and threats against her. Again and again she told officers of the escalating violence, her fears for herself and her children, and of her desire that Tari Ramirez be arrested and prosecuted. Claire Tempongko's desperate but futile attempt to save her own life. It is a searing indictment of the arrogance and neglect with which both district attorney and police officials continue to treat domestic violence in this community. Ramirez was convicted of 2nd-degree murder. View reports filed

Cynthia Cruz ~ January 13, 1969 - November 3, 2001 (Age 32)
Beloved mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, friend.
"After escaping her abuser twice and having a reprieve of only one month of hospitalization, Cindy was convinced by her abuser that he was in therapy, and he was so sorry, and that the violence he had committed against her was now at an end. Three days after returning to him, she was murdered. He stabbed her 21 times. Jason Michael Hernandez is awaiting trial at this time."

Chantel Elicia Maragno ~ July 31, 1975 - June 7, 2001 (Age 26)
Beloved Daughter, Sister, and Friend; Beloved Mother to Breaunna, Dylan, Devyn
"Victim of a murder - suicide. Her estranged boyfriend, the father of her 3 children committed this cowardly act in front of her 3 yr. old daughter just 6 short weeks after ending their relationship."

Kathleen Peterson ~ February 21, 1953 - December 9, 2001 (Age 48)
Beloved Wife, Mother, Daughter, Friend                              
Beaten to death by her husband, author Michael Peterson.
Peterson was convicted and sentenced to life in prison on October 10, 2003

Martha Ellen Shallenbarger ~ February 10, 1957 - Aug. 8, 2001 (Age 44)
Loving sister, daughter, friend to many.. She was beaten at the hands of her live in boyfriend, and then drowned. At this time the family has been told by a good source from the police department that it was definitely murder. They are still waiting for an arrest.

Mary Rae Pieti Guerin ~ July 25, 1953 - January 1, 2002 (Age 48)
Beloved Mother, Grandmother, Daughter, Sister, Auntie, Friend.
Brutally tortured and beaten to death by the man she was married to.

Pamela Stafford ~ Died November 6, 2002
A preliminary hearing for aggravated assault was scheduled for November 8, 2002 for an incident involving a 2-3 inch cut Fredrick Milan had sliced into Pamela arm. November 6, 2002 Pamela returned to the apartment. They were later seen by several witnesses. One witness Lisa Turner testified “that about 9:30 a.m. on November 6, 2002, she was stopped at the intersection of Highway 64 and Houston Levy Road. She heard a gunshot and called 9-1-1. While she was on the telephone, Turner saw the victim get out of a white Escalade. Turner thought the victim had been shot inside the truck because the victim was holding a pillow to herself like she was trying to stop bleeding. Fredrick, who had been driving the Escalade, got out and was “walking around pretty rapidly with a gun.” The victim walked in front of Turner’s car, and Fredrick came up from behind and shot the victim again from a few feet away. Turner said that the victim had her back to Fredrick when he shot her and that the victim had been trying to get away from him. The victim fell onto her back and tried to get up. Fredrick walked around, waved the gun, stood over the victim, and shot her in the chest. Turner said that the appellant did not have an expression on his face and that he looked “like he had a job to do and he did it.” Fredrick walked to the nearby Citgo gas station and talked to a man. Then he got back into the Escalade and turned onto Highway 64”, leaving Pamela to die. The victim was taken in to surgery, where she later he died later that day. Fredrick Milan was convicted of first degree premeditated murder and aggravated assault, and the trial court sentenced him to consecutive sentences of life and five years, respectively.

Kimberly S. Dantzer ~ December 29, 1971 - May 17, 2002 (Age 31)
Janna M. Dantzer ~ May 23, 1994 - May 17, 2002 (Age 7)                
Beloved Mother, Friend and Beloved Daughter
Shot to death by her soon to be ex husband, as was her daughter Janna. He then killed himself.
Seven-year-old Janna Dantzer came outside that afternoon and proudly showed
 her mother and a few of their  neighbors the $10 bill the woman's estranged husband had just given their child. Kimberly Dantzer, 30, then accompanied her daughter back inside the rented home they shared . A few minutes later, neighbors said they heard gunshots and watched in horror as Mrs. Dantzer - fatally wounded - staggered out the front door of the home onto the porch. She collapsed and died on the front lawn.
Janna, who would have been eight on Thursday, and her father, 37-year-old Robert Dantzer, who had been living elsewhere, were found dead later in an upstairs bedroom.

Anya Michelle Braxley ~ May 29, 1980 - May 14, 2002 (Age 21)
Beloved Mother, Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Neice, Friend
Shot by her ex-boyfriend (her daughter's father) three months after
leaving him, who then shot himself.

Rebecca Ramirez ~ July 30, 2002
Lopez Orozco called Ramirez on July 30, 2002, who later picked her up along with her two sons Twelve days later, fishermen found the abandoned, burned-out shell of the car that Lopez Orozco had been driving. The charred remains of Ramirez and the two boys, Ricardo and Miguel, were inside. Investigators later determined they had been shot.

Renee Morris ~ December 21, 2002 (Age 31)
Bryant Morris (Age 10)
Alexis Morris (Age 8)
Jonathan Morris (Age 4)
Edward Morris murdered his wife and three children, dumping their bodies in Tillamook State Forest. Edward was later arrested and charged with their murders.

Nancy Parrilla-Cirilo ~ January 27, 1971 - September 26, 2003 (Age 31)
Beloved, friend and sister
She died from multiple stab wounds. A knife blade was found broken off in her chest. Bruises on her body indicate she had been beaten before being stabbed to death. Her husband Sandro Cirilo was found dead at the scene from a single gunshot wound to his head – an apparent suicide. She leaves behind two children.

Joy Risker ~ September 21, 2003 (Age 25)
Joy’s marriage paired her with a man now in prison for murdering her, Sean Goff , who mutilating her body and burying it beneath a stack of rocks in a remote stretch of Arizona desert.

Crystal Judson ~ April 24, 1968 –April 26, 2003 (Age 35)
was fatally shot by the husband she was divorcing - Tacoma Washington's Police Chief David Brame. The shooting came one day after city officials publicly announced that Crystal's claims of abuse and threats would not be investigated because it was a "private matter." It was a very public murder-suicide though, executed in a shopping center parking lot with their 2 young children running to them. . Chief Brame died that day but Crystal lingered. All of us here in Tacoma held our breath for that week, praying for a miracle that just could not be. She had taken a contact headshot with a police-issue glock. Her family stayed with her in the hospital until she died, and it was during that time Lane was given the time to whisper to his daughter...”Crystal, I’m going to do whatever I can to make sure this doesn’t ever ever ever happen to anyone again” Lane has done an amazing job, regarding this promise to his little girl.

Sandra Kay Pearson ~ August 3, 1956 - October 8, 2004 (Age 48)
Stabbed 3 times in the back by her estranged husband.

Angela Marie Coppersmith ~ January 25, 2004
Beloved Mother and Daughter
Beaten and strangled to death by her husband, Charles Ryan Coppersmith, who then killed himself.
Baby Coppersmith
Beloved Son of Angela Marie Coppersmith. Angela was pregnant at the time of her death.
Ryan decided to kill his entire family, including his pregnant wife Angela Marie and their two children, a ten-year-old son and a five-year old daughter. On January 25, 2004, he began by cutting the telephone line to the house so nobody could call for help, and opened the natural gas line, filling the house with gas. Finally, he strangled his pregnant wife to death, then killed himself

Sandra Oshunkentan ~ July 24, 2004 (Age 33)
Stabbed to death by her boyfriend                                                    
Officers responding to a report of possible trouble at the mobile home at and found Sandra wrapped in garbage bags and blankets in a bathroom closet. She shared the mobile home with Howard Lee Mack, 27, who had been stabbed numerous times. A detective told Housden her daughter had been murdered. "And that’s when part of me died," she said. She insisted on seeing her daughter’s body before it was prepared for burial. "I had to see what he did to her. It was not my baby. But it was my baby that came to me in the dream," she said. Housden said both her daughter and son inherited her willingness to believe the best in people, her color blindness when it came to people, her naivete. She believes her daughter lost her life because of those qualities, she said. "It happened because of the choices Sandy made about Howard. She did not know he was bad. She thought she could save him," Housden said. "He was jealous of her family and her friends. "As a Christian, I have to forgive him," the mother said. "I haven’t yet. But I will."

Debra R. Taylor ~ February 5, 1961-May 16, 2004 (Age 43)
Killed by her husband of 5 years Daniel H. Taylor. She was beaten by him almost all that day. He hit her with a bed post that he had broke off their bed and she was unconscious, he then dragged her to the bed and choked her to death.

Donna Denise Shatley Winters ~ November 26, 1962 - November 12, 2003 (Age 31)
A beloved daughter, sister and friend.
"Donna was shot once in the side and then twice in the head as she walked to her car after work by her estranged husband Billy. She left behind a 10 year old son named Devan, and two older children that she had lovingly raised for years who were the biological children of her estranged husband. Billy took his own life after killing Donna.

Sharen May ~ March 25, 2004 (Age 40)
Sharen and her ex-husband were seeing a professional mediator who was helping resolve custody issues for the couple’s three children. Her ex husband stormed out of the session and returned to the building with a pair of scissors. Sharen May, was stabbed in an elevator. He stabbed his wife more than 100 times The couple had three children together. They are now 14, 11 and 8.

Lori Hacking ~ July 20, 2004                                                                     
Mark and Lori recently learned that she was five weeks pregnant. While preparing to move to North Carolina, Mark came across a .22-caliber rifle. Then at around 1 a.m., he went into the bedroom where Lori was sleeping and shot her in the head. The authorities later found her remains in the Salt Lake County landfill. By that afternoon police had confirmed that the remains were those of Lori Hacking.

Marisa Corpuz ~ September 24, 2004
Her huabsnd William Corpuz slashed her throat using a fishing knife. He had recently attended his 39th weekly session of a 52-week domestic abuse program.

Maria Theresa Rentsch ~ September 20, 1965 - May 15, 2004 (Age 39)
"Brutally murdered by Israel Nunez in Rochester, NY. Over a course of hours, Maria suffered terrible beatings, some in the presence of her 6 year old son. Maria was brought home after being beaten in her car, with her son in the back seat watching. After arriving home, she was dragged through her bedroom window and beaten again. After being left in her bed all night, her killer called 911 because she was unresponsive.

In 2005, in California alone, 181 women were killed by husbands, boyfriends or family members.

Kristi Black ~ May 8 2005
Kristi called 911 around 1 o`clock that Mother`s Day afternoon with a domestic dispute between Ivan Villa and herself. She had just moved back in with her husband the Sunday before. She was later found after a friend called 911 only hours later who found her strangled in the apartment she shared with Ivan Villa. Villa disappeared with Justin, Kristi 16-month-old son, Justin was later recovered and on Oct 5, 2006, Villa turned himself in to authorities.

Karen McGowan ~ May 10, 2005
Chase, 14, Paige, 10,  Rayne, 8 ~ May 10, 2005
David McGowan, a 44-year-old investigator for prosecutors in California, shot his family members in the head as they slept in their rural Riverside County ranch home and left song lyrics which may have indicated his motive. He then killed himself.

LaToyia Figueroa ~ July 18 2005 (Age 24)
Vanished after going to a prenatal checkup with Stephen Poaches,
the father of her unborn child. Her body was later found dumped in Chester County. On October 17, 2006, Judge M. Teresa Sarmina found Stephen Poaches, guilty of two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of 24-year-old LaToyia Figueroa and her fetus. LaToyia was also the mother of a 7 year old daughter.

Nicole Marie Richards (Age 54) August 18, 2005
Alexa Richards (Age 17)
TessaRichards (Age 13)
Police Chief Susan Manheimer stressed that it was a wakeup call for people to never hesitate to report signs of verbal or physical abuse. The Coroner said Nicole Richards died of blunt force trauma to the head. Anthony Richards called 911 and then shot himself.

Anastasia Melnitchenko ~ October 22, 2005 (Age 21)
McAlpin stalked, harassed and threatened his former girlfriend for
three years, once even carrying her down the street in an attempted kidnapping until someone maced him. Anastasia was murdered by her ex boyfriend who through her lifeless body in the trunk of his car. Scott McAlpin was arrested the next day. Anastasia did what she could as a victim. At the time of his arrest, McAlpin had eight prior felony convictions, all for domestic violence, and had been in and out of jail as recently as the week before the murder. Yet he had never been sentenced to state prison. Anastasia said she always believed Mr. McAlpin would kill her. In 2008 McAlpin was convicted of first degree murder.

Sally Jessop ~ June 4, 1957 - December 31, 2005 (Age 54)
Beloved Mother
"Strangled by her estranged partner, Peter George Hutchings, with a scarf after luring her to the house on the premise of paying her some rent. He was sentenced to life in prison."

Robin D. Shaffer ~ June 15, 2005
Robin lost her life at the hands of her abusive husband. Less than twenty four hours after Robin escaped to live a life free from abuse she was murdered. Based on her estranged husband’s past and not knowing his history of previous abuse Robin felt she had no reason to fear for her life. Tragic and devastating, Robin’s family found out that her abuser was a repeat domestic violence offender who once tried to kill his first wife. Tragically, Robin lost her life to a single gunshot to her neck at close range. Her estranged husband later killed himself.

Kimberly Garnett ~ May 17, 2005
Her life was beginning to change, when the 30-year-old woman was beaten to death in her home on May 17. The killer was the father of Kimberly's 3-year-old daughter. They'd been together for five years and shared a home. Robert Thompson, 42, punched and kicked Kimberly, dragging her through the house by her hair, Robert Thompson beat Kimberly Garnett to death with a 2-by-4. The medical examiner testified that she had been struck at least 30 times on her face, chest, abdomen, back, arms, legs and buttocks. Some of the blows left bruises in the shape of the board. One surrounded a bite mark. Her eyelids were so swollen they had to be pried open for the exam.The bruises and two fractured ribs caused such extensive blood loss that her internal organs had failed. It had taken her between a half-hour and a few hours to die, and she would have died in pain. Her body was so badly battered the family was unable to have an open- casket funeral.

Cindy L. Hicks ~  February 6, 2006
Shot by her estranged husband with a 12 gauge shotgun. She was on the phone with police to report a violation of the protection order. Her killer shot himself to death a week later.

Berna Samara Judge Ellington ~ Died May 17, 2006 (Age 31)
Cameron Noah and Christian Caleb Ellington ~ Died May 17, 2006 (Ages 2)
Clayton Jerrod Ellington was sentenced to death for the hammer-attack murders of his wife and identical twin sons. Neighbors said Ellington  screamed at officers that his family had been taken from him shortly after he called police to his home late on the night of May 17, 2006. Inside, police found the bodies of his 31-year-old wife, Berna Ellington, and their 2-year-old sons, Cameron and Christian. The twins were found dead in their beds and Berna was found face down on the floor. Ellington claimed to police detectives that his wife killed the twins with the hammer. Ellington claimed he took the hammer from her and beat her with it in a fight that ended with them falling down stairs. About the brutality of the murders, “All three were murdered by blows to the head with the claw end of a hammer. ” The family had celebrated the 2nd birthday of the twins on April 10. At Ellington's sentencing hearing, Earl Bradford, a cousin of Berna Ellington, attacked Clayton Ellington after jumping over a railing in the courtroom. After Ellington received three death sentences.

Ashley Ann Lynn ~ September 21, 1987 - July 26, 2006 (Age 19)
Murdered by her ex boyfriend. She had ended the relationship because she found out he was getting into drugs. He shot her twice with 2 different guns and then set her on fire, and burning her house down.

Beth Ramirez ~ March 30, 1965- September 16, 2006
"Murdered by her boyfriend of 2 years. Stabbed 6 times. She leaves behind a twin sister, 12 brothers, 4 sisters, nieces and nephews.

Stacey Jane Plummer ~ Sept. 24, 2006 (Age 43)
"Murdered by her husband Dermott Reid who then killed himself.
She had served him with divorce papers two weeks prior. He shot her at their home and then killed himself. She had three children, Jake (6), Jane (9), Julia (12). She adopted her daughters, Julia, 12, and Jane, 8, and her son, Jacob, 6, from different orphanages in Russia. Her sister said she decided to adopt older children because they needed more help than babies.
At the courthouse, she took pride in showing off photographs of the children.
On Aug. 24, a sheriff’s deputy issued a trespass warning for Reid when he got into an argument with Plummer. Reid wanted more time to move his things out of the house.But Julie Plummer said her sister decided to give Reid another chance, and he stayed inside the house. They were going to get couple’s counseling, she said. Then, on Sunday, her oldest daughter came home to find her mother dead and Reid critically wounded.

Rene' Nicole Zarnick-Eury ~ July 28, 1969 - April 9, 2006 (Age 37)
Murdered by her ex-husband who then killed himself..leaving behind their son Zane(16).

Mary Brownell – October 21, 2006 (Age 40)
On October 21, Mary Brownell's ex-husband came to the side door of her home.  Her boyfriend, Lawrence Allen, answered the door and was immediately shot and killed by the ex-husband who then entered the home and also shot and killed Mary.  The couple had a 12-year-old daughter who was in the home at the time of the murders.  They also had a 9-year-old son who was not at home.  The ex-husband then called his parents to say what he had done and that he planned to kill himself.  Police found the suspect in a nearby cemetery where he wounded himself with a shotgun. 

Kimberly  L.  Butler – March 14, 2006 (Age 29)
On March 13, investigators believe that Kimberly Butler was killed by her boyfriend, Osborn Broadnax, who then set fire to her body.  Broadnax is charged with first degree murder.  

Markeda Byas –July 20, 2006 (Age 31)
On July 20, when Markeda Byas did not go to work, the police began looking for her.  They found her in her burned apartment bedroom dead of a gunshot wound to her head and her 2-month-old daughter, Arctavia Reed, dead of smoke inhalation. Byas and her infant daughter where both asleep in the bed when her boyfriend, Jimmie Reed Jr., entered the house. Jimmie Reed Jr., is charged with both murders.  Police believe that Reed shot Markeda and then set fire to her apartment to make her death appear accidental.  Police allege that Reed did not want to pay child support and did not want his other girlfriends to know of his relationship with Markeda.  

Lynne Chapman – May 7, 2006 (Age 35)
On May 7, Lynne Chapman and her husband, Daniel Lee Chapman, were arguing about their impending divorce.  Police believe that Daniel shot Lynne twice and then turned the gun on himself.  The couple's 12-year-old son discovered the bodies.  

David Clark – May 8, 2006 (Age 34)
On May 8, David Clark was stabbed to death by his live-in girlfriend.   The couple had 4 children who were all in the home at the time of the stabbing. 

Siraquana Cotton –June 22, 2006 (Age 25)
Marissa Mosley – (Age 2 )
On June 22, Siraquana Cotton was styling her sister's hair in the kitchen of her home.  Her estranged boyfriend, Charles “Eastwood” Epperson, knocked down her front door and appeared in the home with a gun.  He shot Siraquana in the head and then shot her 2-year-old daughter, Marissa Mosley, killing her as well.  Epperson fled the house threatening to kill the other seven people who were in the home at the time.  There were several domestic violence calls to the home prior to the murder.  Eastwood was convicted of felonious assault and assault with a deadly weapon in a previous domestic violence case for which he served five years in prison.  A few hours after the murders, police received a call that a man had jumped into the Detroit River.  They dragging the river and found Epperson's body.

Johnny Carolyn Fielder – January 2, 2007 (Age 63)
On January 2, James Fielder entered his wife's (Johnny Carolyn Fielder) bedroom and shot her in the head as she slept.  He then allegedly returned to his own bedroom and shot himself.

Cynthia Below – October 2006
The battery pack on Bobbie Jean Dressel’s GPS unit, which was cort ordered in part of an order of protection, was destroyed or lost power, allowing him to murder his ex-girlfriend, Cynthia Below.. Dressel is serving a life sentence.

Eva Irene ~ August 23, 2006
Matthew O'Connor was supposed to appear in court Wednesday on charges of violating a restraining order but instead he kicked in the door of his ex-wife's home and shot her over 20 times before turning the gun on himself. Her family feels that had GPS been required on convicted offenders who had also violated a restraining order, their loved one would still be alive

Candy Fisher – December 28, 2006 (Age 38)
Michael Fisher Jr. – (Age 14)
On December 28, police speculate that Candy Fisher's husband, Michael Fisher Sr., shot and killed Candy and her son, Michael.  The two were found in their home and Fisher was found and arrested shortly after and charged with open murder.  Fisher Sr. was later found guilty. When the verdict was read, Fisher attacked a deputy in efforts to grab his gun. Fisher was taken down and will spend the rest of his life in prison. There was a record of domestic violence calls to the house.  


Julie Fisher – December 8, 2006 (Age 17) 
On December 8, Julie Fisher's ex-boyfriend, Andrew Colbert, strangled her to death in her home while her mother slept in an upstairs bedroom.  Colbert has been convicted of first degree murder.  

Tonya Goble-Studer – April 28, 2006 (Age 23)
On April 28, Tonya Goble-Studer and her two children were staying with her mother, Vickyann Winslow Dewey, because Tonya's husband, Gary Wayne Studer, had previously aimed a gun at her and threatened to kill her.  Studer came to the home and shot Tonya's mother in the yard.  Tonya was apparently on the phone with the police when she was shot.  Tonya's two children were in the home at the time of the murders.  The couple had separated one month prior to the murders.  Tonya had reportedly told a neighbor that her husband threatened to kill her if she left him.    

Shanda Green – March 28, 2006 (Age 34)
On March 28, police responded to a 911 call to Shanda Green's apartment.  They found her dead of strangulation from a phone cord.  Shanda's boyfriend, Timothy Smith, is on trial for her murder.  Witnesses said that Smith had threatened to kill Shanda and that she was afraid of him.   Shanda had left the state to get away from him.  The couple had two children together.  

Dawnette Marie Harrell – April 2, 2006 (Age 29)
On April 2, Dawnette Harrell, who was 10 weeks pregnant, was last seen walking to her car in a parking lot near Traverse City.  She was listed as missing for more than a year when her skeletal remains were discovered.  On May 3, 2007, approximately 85 yards from the parents' home of her boyfriend/co-worker, Justin Stair, Dawnette was found lying face down in a shallow grave.  A forensic examination revealed that she died of a single gunshot to her forehead.   State police arrested Stair on May 14, 2007, after a search of his parents' house revealed traces of blood, Dawnette's purse and car keys as well as an antique .32 revolver  hidden in the ceiling tiles of the home.  The revolver was later determined to match the single bullet recovered from Dawnette's skull, Stair faced an open count of murder and a count of assault of a pregnant woman.  Both counts carry life sentences.

Sharee Harris – April 10, 2006 (Age 40)
On April 10, Billy Ray Harris shot his wife, Sharee Harris, in the head and then called his mother to tell her he had shot Sharee.  At the end of the call he said he was “just kidding.”  He allegedly hung up and then shot himself.  Sharee's family said that the relationship was volatile and that Sharee had planned to leave her husband.  

Catherine Holmes – October 20, 2006 (Age 62)
On October 20, customers of a credit union called police because they heard an argument and loud noises in the parking lot.  Police found Catherine Holmes dead of a gunshot wound in her car.  Her husband, Donald Holmes, was charged with her murder. 

Nina Reiser ~ September 3, 2006 (Age 31)

Carolyn Sue Smith – December 29, 2006 (Age 48)
On December 29, police responded to a call at Carolyn Sue Smith's home and found Carolyn and her sister critically wounded from multiple gunshot wounds. Carolyn died from her wounds. Her estranged husband, Jeffrey Smith, was the prime suspect in her murder. Two days later, police found Jeffrey Smith's body in his car, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Smith had been arrested the previous week for assaulting Carolyn and had been released after posting bond. Carolyn had taken out a restraining order against him and was staying with her sister. The couple had two children.

Tanya Smith – August 23, 2006 (Age 36)
On August 23, Tanya Smith was outside her apartment building when Marcus Underwood, with whom she had had a romantic relationship, shot and killed her. Underwood fled the scene on foot and was quickly surrounded by police. He then shot and killed himself.

Barbara J. Tessman – February 6, 2006 (Age 45)
On February 6, Danny Tessman shot his wife, and then himself. Their teenage son was in the home at the time of the murder.

Vanessa Joyce Ward – April 8, 2006 (Age 23)
On April 8, Vanessa Joyce Ward was killed by her husband, Donald Fred Ward, who then turned the shotgun on himself in their home. A sheriff's department representative stated, “They had apparently just started divorce proceedings.”

Tina Sue Williams – July 15, 2006 (Age 30)
On July 15, Tina Sue Williams' mother could not reach her by phone so she called the police. Police arrived at Tina's home in time to hear her husband pour gasoline on the home and ignite a fire. Tina was found inside the home dead of blunt force trauma. Her husband, James Mark Williams, murdered her and was found dead in the fire. They had three children who were staying with Tina's mother at the time of the murder/suicide.

Rachel Johnson –December 21, 2006 (Age 22)
Nelda Grant – (Age 50)
On December 21, Nelda Grant came home and found her granddaughter, Rachel Johnson, dead.  She called 911 and while she was on the phone, the murderer, Donnell Ramon Johnson, also shot and killed her.  Johnson is believed to be the boyfriend of Rachel who, according to friends, was trying to break off her relationship with him.  Rachel's 3-year-old daughter was home at the time of the shooting.  Johnson was charged with two counts of first degree murder.

Lulja Kolbucaj – March 31, 2006 (Age 39)
On March 31, police were called to the home of Lulja Kolbucaj.  Her husband, Gjin Kolbucaj, had shot her to death and also had shot himself.  He recovered from the suicide attempt and was charged with the first degree murder of Lulja.  The couple has two children.  

Kizzy R. Laury – June 10, 2006 (Age 25)
On June 10, Kizzy Laury's boyfriend, Alvin D. Frazier, beat her and then shot her to death.  Kizzy and Frazier had two sons and she was pregnant with a third child at the time of the murder.  Kizzy's aunt stated that she believed Frazier killed Kizzy because she announced that she was leaving him.  Frazier was arrested and charged with the murder.  

 Ebony Lee -  December 2, 2006 (Age 24)
On December 2, Ebony Lee was walking down a street near her home when her boyfriend, Arenza Hubbard, ran her over with his car, killing her.  He fled the scene and a murder warrant for his arrest was filed.  

Natasha Miller –April 27, 2006 (Age 19)
On April 27, Natasha Miller agreed to take a ride with her ex-boyfriend, John Anderson.  Anderson  strangled Natasha, removed her clothing, and dragged her dead body into a river.  Anderson's lawyer reported that Anderson was “desperate to keep Natasha in his life.”  Natasha was engaged to be married to another man.  Anderson was convicted of second degree murder.  

Dennis Mitchell – September 6, 2006 (Age 46)
On September 6, Dennis Mitchell was with his girlfriend, Lisa Upchurch, when his cell phone rang and it was another woman.  Upchurch allegedly pulled a gun and fired two shots into Dennis, killing him.  Upchurch then got her teenage son and a friend of his to help her dump the body into the Flint River.  Upchurch was charged with the murder.  

Melissa Morgan – November 26, 2006 (Age 20)
On November 26, David Brown, Melissa Morgan's ex-boyfriend, stabbed Melissa to death and seriously wounded her male friend.  Melissa and Brown had a 5-month-old daughter together and had separated about a month prior to the murder.  Brown was charged with first degree murder and with assault with intent to murder.

Vanessa Kay Pruitt – December 15, 2006 (Age 18)
On December 15, Vanessa Kay Pruitt was in her apartment with her sister whom she had asked to stay with her because she was afraid of her boyfriend, Jeffrey Scott Husband, from whom she had been trying to get away from.   Husband came to the apartment and shot and killed Vanessa as well as shooting her sister in the arm.  Husband was charged with her murder.  The couple have three small children and Vanessa was pregnant at the time of her murder.  

Juanita L. Richardson – June 22, 2006 (Age 43)
On June 22, Juanita L. Richardson and her husband, Thomas Richardson, were at a popular overlook on Lake Superior when Juanita was plunged 140 feet to her death.  Originally reported as an accidental fall, police later determined that Richardson killed his wife in hopes of collecting a life insurance policy.  He was charged with her murder.  Investigators learned that Richardson had physically and verbally abused his wife prior to the murder.   

Erdelia Rogan – May 29, 2006
On May 29, police allege that Erdelia Rogan's husband, Robert Rogan, shot Erdelia twice with a shotgun and then called 911 to report the shooting.  Robert Rogan was charged with the murder.

Holli Sharrow – December 12, 2006 (Age 22)
In 2006, two days after Thanksgiving, Nicholas Kelly brutally assaulted his girlfriend, Holli Sharrow. Holli died 17 days later.. Sharrow died from blunt force trauma to her head, which had created a subdural hematoma. According to Dr. Kanu Virani, the medical examiner, the hematoma had been present in Sharrow’s brain for two to three weeks prior to her death. The murder left Holli’s family devastated and her 3 year old daughter motherless. Kelly  was found guilty as charged of second degree murder by a jury and sentenced to a minimum of 30 years

Nina Reiser ~ September 3, 2006
She disappeared on Sept. 3, 2006, after dropping off the couple's children at Hans Reiser's home. Hans and Nina Reiser married in 1999 but Nina filed for divorce and separated from him in 2004. They were in the midst of an acrimonious divorce and battle over the custody of their two children when she disappeared. Hans was jealous of his wife medical degree and had said “I don’t need a smart wife” and refused to let her practice. In 2008 Reiser confessed to strangling Nina in exchange for a reduced sentence and was sentenced 15 years to life in prison.

Detra Rainey ~ September 30, 2006
Michael Simmons was charged with murdering his wife and her four children in a domestic dispute at their home, the victims as Detra Rainey, 39, and her children William Rainey, 16, Hakiem Rainey, 13, Malachia Robinson, 8, and Samenia Robinson, 6. Rainey Simmons had a fifth child, 21-year-old Christan, none of the children were Simmons. Michael was said to be sitting on the porch hours after the murders. State Law Enforcement Division records indicate Simmons had a violent past. He was convicted in 1988 of armed robbery, assault and battery with intent to kill and second-degree burglary.

Officer Kaliah Ashante Harper ~ November 24, 2006
 Quartus Lee Hinton, said to be distraught over a recent breakup with Harper  is suspected of shooting her multiple times in the upper body and head at point-blank range Friday after a funeral for two young boys. In 2008 Hinton was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to 38 years in prison.

Ellen Robb ~ December 22, 2006 (Age 36)
Was bludgeoned so badly investigators initially thought she'd been blasted at close range with a shotgun or rifle. Her husband admitted to bashing his wife Ellen repeatedly in the head and face with a chin-up bar, then staging a break-in and hiding the evidence so he could blame the whole thing on a burglar. He admits to killing his wife in a fit of rage and faces voluntary manslaughter instead of first degree murder, avoiding a long trial and a possible life sentence. Instead, he'll likely get in the range of 5 to 10 years, and could wind up serving even less.

Nayanci Gonzalez ~ October 27, 2007 (Age 14)
Alejandro Fajardo (17 ) pulled up to the curb, got out of his Camaro,
and, without saying a word, shot Gonzalez five times with a pump action shotgun, and then shot himself. Nayanci had been trying to break it off with the 17 year old, but It didn't appear Alejandro was taking it well. About two weeks before, police responded to a disturbance between the two. No charges were pressed

Serena Tarin ~ May 6, 2006 (Age 25)
Was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend Joseph Mercado. He was also the father of her 20 month old son. Mercado went to Serena’s parent’s home, shooting the lock off of the door to get inside. On his way inside, after the mother of his child, Joseph shot Serena’s Father and Brother with an assault riffle killing them both. Mercado also poured gasoline on an exterior wall but failed to light it with a match, due to police arriving on the scene. Mercado fled, but was later arrested.

Katie Nicole Key ~ March 21, 1989 - January 16, 2007 (Age 18)
Beloved daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, neice, granddaughter, and friend
Katie tried to end her relationship with her boyfriend, he waited on her to come home after work, broke into the house and held her hostage for 4 hours. At 2:00 a.m. he shot her to death and then took his own life

Jeanne Kane ~ January 30, 2007
Among other allegations she reported details of abuse including a beating after the burial of her father, berating her after she had her second child by C-Section (angry because of the scarring), cancelling a confirmation party for her daughter because she had been beaten badly enough that she had bruises that showed (because the dog knocked over his coffee), and beatings in front of her daughter. In 1999 Jeanne Kane required an operation and Kane alleged that he became outraged over the medical bills and kicked her. The judge determined that Jeanne Kane had been battered and suffered from “Battered Wife Syndrome” and ordered him to pay her alimony and substantial damages. The divorce was granted in 2003.Galtieri was enraged by the divorce ruling. Since the 2003 divorce, Galtieri filed a number of law suits over the divorce settlement. Jeanne Kane was found in her car at a park and ride where she normally picked her daughter up. Police say a shot had been fired through the passenger window of the car and had struck Mrs. Kane. In 2009 Galtieri was sentenced to 32 years to life in prison.

Xiomara Rhodes ~ March 13, 2007 (Age 21)
Her ex-boyfriend Raymond Echavarria dragged her into an elevator of the office building where she worked and ignited a can of gasoline. Investigators treated the slaying as a murder-suicide.

Rosetta Walker ~ September 19, 2007
Both children were home Monday morning when their father shot and killed their mother, with the same shotgun he used to kill himself. Rosetta Walker's daughter, Milliana Pulliam, was with the children as they all watched in horror. His 3-year-old son, Julian Jr., and his 5-month-old sister, Alexis, now have no parents. Two petitions had been filed against Walker -- for temporary protective orders against him. One was in December 2004: his wife, Rosetta, said her husband beat her when she was five months pregnant with their son. The other was filed this past June by Walker's 18-year-old girlfriend. She said Walker beat her while she was pregnant who he also killed earlier that morning.

Mary Lynn Babb ~ January 9, 2007
On January 9, Mary Lynn Babb was returning to her job when her estranged husband, Thomas Daniel Babb, ambushed her. He rammed her car causing it to flip over in the parking lot and then fired two rounds into Mary Lynn's car from a shotgun. Mary Lynn was pronounced dead at the hospital and her estranged husband was arrested shortly after the incident. In September, 2006, Babb was in court defending charges that he had bound his wife with duct tape and physically and sexually assaulted her. A gun was allegedly used in that assault. In the same incident, Babb threatened to cut off Mary Lynn's nose, burn their house down and prevent her from ever seeing her 4 year old son. The case was going to trial, Babb was free on bond, and there was a protection order in effect when he murdered Mary Lynn. She had initiated divorce proceedings and moved to Mt. Pleasant from Gaylord to escape her estranged husband. Thomas Daniel Babb pleaded no contest to second degree murder and was sentenced to 50-75 years in prison.

Anne Bakunovich ~ November 1, 2007 (Age 36)
Anne Bakunovich's ex-husband, Thomas Kuzmak, killed her by striking her in the head twice with a blunt object and then stabbing her eighteen times with a knife. Kuzmak fled the scene and on November 3rd, walked into a diner in Pennsylvania, had breakfast, and confessed to a waitress that he was wanted for murder in Michigan. He was immediately arrested. He pleaded guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to 30 - 50 years in prison. Anne had four children.

Cheryl Lynn Boeskool ~ August 3, 2007 (Age 44)
Cheryl Lynn Boeskool's body was discovered in a pond near a golf course. The autopsy found she died from multiple blows to her head and face from a blunt object. Cheryl's ex-boyfriend was arrested and later arraigned on homicide charges.

Grace Bommarito ~ October 23, 2007 (Age 43)
Grace Bommarito died of multiple stab wounds in front of her neighbor's door where she had sought help after an alleged assault by her live-in boyfriend, John Bomar, who was later charged with murder in the first degree. The police had been called to the home earlier in the day. In 2006, Bomar was convicted of felonious assault for attacking Grace with a weapon. He was sentenced to serve up to three years in prison in March of 2007, but was released and on probation at the time of the alleged murder.

Pam Brainard ~ November 4, 2007 (Age 33)
Police found the body of Pam Brainard dead of a gunshot wound in her home. Her husband, Kevin Brainard, was also dead. Police believe that Kevin, a Plainwell police officer, shot Pam and then killed himself. The couple had a 2-year old daughter, and Pam had a 15 year old son.

Patricia Anne Brimhall ~ March 8, 2007 (Age 51)
Patricia Anne Brimhall returned to the Harper Woods home she shared with her fiancé. Her ex-husband, Jon L. Brimhall, ambushed her as she was entering the house and shot her several times with a rifle. Brimhall then entered the house and shot himself.

Cristi Curtis ~ July 20, 2007 (Age 29)
Cristi Curtis did not show up for work; her mother later discovered her shot in a bedroom of her home. Her estranged boyfriend, Joseph Frees, was also dead in the home. Frees shot Cristi several times and then turned the handgun on himself. Their relationship had just ended and Cristi had asked Frees to move out.

Betty A. Dotson ~ August 3, 2007 (Age 65)
Police responded to a 911 call and found Betty Dotson dead of multiple stab wounds to her neck. Her husband of 48 years, Gordon Dotson, made the call to 911. Police reported Mr. Dotson had bloody hands, although he denied killing his wife. He was convicted of first degree murder. Their adult children cited years of emotional and physical abuse of the children and of Betty at the hands of their father.

Deborah Earixson ~ October 29, 2007 (Age 43)
Deborah Earixson's 20 year old son found her in the kitchen of her home stabbed to death. Deborah's boyfriend, Kenneth Strauss, was later found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at his home. Strauss had left a note admitting to killing Deborah. According to the sheriff's department, Strauss had attempted to commit suicide in 2001 during a pending divorce with his previous wife who had a personal protection order against him.

Ladora Gibson ~ November 24, 2007 (Age 38)
Ladora Gibson was in her car when her husband, Anthony Gibson, shot and killed her and wounded her 9 year old son. The next day, Gibson committed suicide with a firearm. Family members reported that Ladora had been afraid of Gibson and was living with relatives. They also reported that she had suffered a long history of physical and mental abuse from Gibson.

Tracy Grandberry ~ May 24, 2007 (Age 34)
Tracy Grandberry's husband, Dashon Grandberry, called police to say that he had just shot his wife and that he was going to commit suicide. When police arrived at the home, they found the couple's two children unharmed and Tracy unconscious with a gunshot wound to her head. Tracy was transported to the hospital where she died a few days later. Her husband's body was found in another city where he had shot and killed himself.

Tara Lynn Grant ~ February 9, 2007 (Age 34)
Tara Lynn Grant was strangled to death by her husband, Stephen Grant. He reported her missing on February 14th. On March 3rd, investigators found her torso in the couple's garage and later found other body parts in a nearby park. Her husband, Stephen Grant was arrested and charged with first degree murder and the mutilation of her corpse. He admitted to strangling her and dismembering her body on February 9th. Forensic evidence showed that Tara Lynn had physically struggled against her husband in the moments before her death. In addition to the strangulation, she suffered blunt force trauma to her head and face. The couple's 6 year old daughter said that she and her 4 year old brother witnessed the murder. Grant was convicted of second degree murder and was sentenced to 50 - 80 years in prison.

Amy Green ~November 30, 2007 (Age 25)
Amy Green called the police to report that she had been assaulted by her boyfriend, Ladd Honkala. When the police arrived, Honkala fired at them from inside the home. Amy's 6 year old son was standing outside the home at the time and was wounded by the gunfire (he was treated and then released to a relative). Police eventually went inside the home and found Amy and Honkala dead. Police believe Honkala shot Amy before the police arrived and then turned the gun on himself when the house was surrounded by police. Honkala was scheduled to appear in court the week after the murder on a domestic violence charge. In 2006, Honkala pleaded guilty to aggravated domestic violence and was sentenced to 20 days in jail and a $965fine. Amy was pregnant at the time she was murdered.

Anna Marie Holder ~ March 29, 2007 (Age 19)
Police allege that Anna Marie Holder's husband, Christopher Holder, strangled her to death, used a sword to stab her in the throat and then to make sure she was dead, forced the nozzle of a fire extinguisher into her mouth and turned it on, releasing the foam into her throat. He then tried to burn her body before abandoning it. He initially confessed to her murder, but then changed his explanation. Prosecutors said that Anna Marie had wanted a divorce. Christopher is charged with her murder.

Bobbi Davis Jackson ~ April 19, 2007 (Age 32)
Jonathon Mayfield ~ (Age 8)
Lorenzo Mayfield Jr. ~(Age 10)
Police responded to a missing persons report and found Bobbi Davis Jackson and her two sons, Jonathan Mayfield and Lorenzo Mayfield Jr., dead from gunshot wounds in their home. Bobbi's boyfriend, Shawn David Junius, was also dead at the scene. Police believe Junius shot the other three and then himself.

Lindsey Knight ~ December 11, 2007 (Age 19)
Police arrived at the home of Derek Woodley, Lindsey Knight's boyfriend, because they received a report that a woman was being held against her will, possibly with children. When they entered the house, Woodley allegedly shot and injured one of the police officers, who then retreated and called for backup. After a seven hour stand-off, police entered the home for the second time and found Lindsey's body, dead of a close range shotgun wound. Police believe she may have been killed before they arrived. Woodley was arraigned on multiple felonies, including murder, attempted murder against two police officers and unlawful imprisonment. The couple had 2 children, ages 7 months and 19 months.

Kimberly Martin ~ December 14, 2007 (Age 40)
Erica Martin ~ (Age 21)
Kimberly Martin's boyfriend, Walter Ramsey, allegedly stabbed her and her daughter, Erica Martin, to death. Police say the stabbing occurred because Kimberly wanted to break up with Ramsey. He was charged with two counts of open murder.

Allynn Chene McDade ~ March 26, 2007 (Age 26)
Allynn Chene McDade was fatally shot and killed by her husband, James Hawkins, who also attempted to shoot Allynn's 9 year old son as he was trying to help his mom. Hawkins then shot and killed himself. All of Allynn's four children were at home and getting ready for school at the time of the murder.

Tracey J. McTigue ~ April 3, 2007 (Age 31)
Tracey McTigue's boyfriend, Timothy Zielinski, shot her and then himself. Tracey's mother found her severely bleeding and called 911. Tracey died the next day in a Toledo hospital. Zielinski died immediately. Tracey's aunt believed that the couple was going to split up when the murder occurred.

Crystal Michael ~ May 7, 2007 (Age 28)
Crystal Michael's boyfriend, Laron Spight, stabbed her to death and also killed her unborn fetus. Laron Spight pleaded guilty to second degree murder and to assault causing the death of a fetus. He was sentenced to 30 - 60 years in prison.

Julie Mishoe ~ July 27, 2007 (Age 28)
Julie Mishoe went to let her dog out and never returned as planned to watch television with her mother and three daughters. Police were called and Julie was found dead in a vehicle near her home the next day. Her ex-boyfriend, Ronald Ford Dailey, was also found dead in the vehicle. Police believe that after spending several weeks stalking and harassing Julie with constant phone calls and text messages, Dailey shot Julie in the head and torso and then killed himself. Julie had three children with Dailey. Her family said she had sought a personal protection order against him in the spring.

Michael Nale ~ September 13, 2007 (Age 56)
Police responded to a 911 call made by Michael Nale's wife, Fayette Nale. Both Michael and his wife were transported to the hospital where Michael died of a stab wound to the chest. Fayette was arrested as the main suspect in the murder. The police had responded to the home several times for domestic violence over the previous five years. Fayette Nale was charged with second degree murder.

Vanda Kay Nolan ~ October 25, 2007 (Age 39)
Police found the body of Vanda Kay Nolan in the bedroom of her home. They also found the body of Kenneth Stafford. The couple had been living together. Police believe that Vanda Kay was murdered with a firearm and that Stafford then took his own life.

Leontyne “Tina” Partee-Elder ~ August 21, 2007 (Age 41)
Police received a 911 call and found Leontyne “Tina” Partee-Elder dead of stab wounds in her home while her 11 year old and 8 year old children were hiding in the basement. Her estranged husband, Kevin Elder, was charged with first degree murder. The couple was in the final stages of divorce and Tina had gotten a personal protection order against Elder.

Debra L. Plesko ~ October 5, 2007 (Age 49)
A relative of Debra Plesko found her dead in her home. She had been stabbed 11 times. Police eventually found her boyfriend, Robin E. Stevens, who they believe stabbed Debra to death. Stevens fled the scene and attempted to commit suicide by ingesting poison. He was charged with open murder.

Rema Reed ~ November 4, 2007 (Age 32)

Terry Buchanan ~ (Age 36)
Rema Reed and her current boyfriend, Terry Buchanan, were leaving their apartment to go to work. Rema's ex-boyfriend, Xavier Chase, allegedly ambushed the couple in the parking area. Rema and Terry tried to escape. Chase fired at Rema shooting her in the head and face, critically injuring her. She died a few days later. Terry was fatally shot and died at the scene. According to friends, Chase had been stalking Rema for months prior to the murders. Chase was charged with two counts of first degree murder and three felony firearms charges. In 1991, Chase was convicted of manslaughter in the death of his then girlfriend, LaDonna Myers, but served only 7 years of his 5 to15 year sentence.

Beverly Sharrard ~ March 30, 2007 (Age 67)
Beverly Sharrard's adult daughter was visiting her mother's home when she heard fighting and then heard two loud bangs. She then saw her father, Donald Sharrard, flee the house. She called 911 and then drove to the police station to report the shootings. Police found Beverly dead in her house and her father's body in a nearby pond. Donald had been in the home in violation of a personal protection order. According to the County Sheriff, there was a history of domestic violence.

Susan Sheldon ~ November 1, 2007 (Age 35)
Police believe that Susan Sheldon's boyfriend, Marvin Snyder, beat her to death. Her body was discovered on November 13th in a scrap yard. The autopsy revealed she died of head trauma. Susan was the mother of five children. Snyder has a history of violence against other women. Snyder was charged with Susan's murder.

Laura Stenberg ~ September 7, 2007 (Age 46)
Edward Stenberg shot his wife, Laura Stenberg, in their home. She was found wounded with her hands and feet bound, and died at a local hospital that same day. Edward Stenberg fled the scene and was found in Florida more than two weeks later. In April, Stenberg had been released from jail where he spent 10 months after pleading no contest to a charge of assault with intent to do great bodily harm when he beat Laura with a blackjack. He was released from jail and was able to avoid a condition of probation that required that he attend a batterer's intervention program. He was charged with first degree murder in Laura's death and three related firearms offenses.

Marcia D. Stewart ~ February 16, 2007 (Age 20)
Police found Marcia D. Stewart dead of strangulation in a room at a Red Roof Inn. Her boyfriend, Alfred Eli Johnson, is charged with her murder. Marcia's mother allegedly reported that Johnson was “obsessed” with her daughter and that he stalked her.

Tammy Susalla ~ August 27, 2007 (Age 44)
Tammy Susalla's longtime live-in boyfriend, Timothy Catalano, allegedly shot Tammy and later told police that he shot her because “…she planned to leave him for another man”. Tammy died the next day of the gunshot wound. The Prosecutor's office confirmed that Catalano “…had been upset about the end of their relationship.” Catalano is charged with first degree murder.

Rebecca Torres ~ December 27, 2007 (Age 35)
Police found Rebecca Torres' body in her home. She was dead of a gunshot wound. Later that day, when police stopped her husband, Enrique “Ricky” Torres, he got out of his car and began shooting at police. Police fired back, striking him several times. Torres is charged with Rebecca's murder, two counts of using a gun to commit a felony, and one count of assault with intent to commit murder. The couple had two children.

Lauren Barnes ~ November 23, 2007 (Age 20) Eric Phan, was been arrested and charged with first degree murder of his pregnant girls friend Lauren Barnes. Lauren Barnes, was last seen on a Friday, before she was to meet Phan at a park. That weekend a nursery for her unborn baby was being prepared at her house, Lauren was about 6 months pregnant. Police said the park meeting was thought to discuss the possibility that Phan was the father of Barnes unborn child. Her body was later found in a shallow grave

Tracy Vieau ~ February 8, 2007 (Age 40)
Tracy Vieau's estranged husband, Brian Vieau, called police to report a domestic violence assault in progress. When police arrived, they found both Tracy and Brian dead of gunshot wounds. The couple's two young children were in an upstairs bedroom watching cartoons. Vieau, an off duty Detroit police officer, used a department issued handgun to commit the murder/suicide. The couple was planning to divorce. In a suicide note found typed on their home computer, Brian expressed unhappiness about the breakup of their marriage.

Ladora Gibson ~ November 24, 2007
On November 24, Ladora Gibson was in her car when her husband, Anthony Gibson, shot and killed her and wounded her 9 year old son. The next day, Gibson committed suicide with a firearm. Family members reported that Ladora had been afraid of Gibson and was living with relatives. She had fleed to Texas to escape his abuse, only returning after he filled for divorce. They also reported that Ladora had suffered a long history of physical and mental abuse from Gibson.

Tracey Vieau ~ February 08, 2007
Murdered by ex-husband/Officer Brian Vieau [Detroit PD]. February 08, 2007.
When the bodies were found, Tracy was against the front door of her home. She was shot three times. Chief Grant said Officer Vieau was found in his police uniform lying on the living room floor. His .40-caliber service pistol, which he used in the shooting, was lying at his feet. The couple's two boys, ages 6 and 3, were found upstairs, unharmed.

Debra Waidelich ~ August 21, 2007
Police responded to a 911 call and found Debra Waidelich dead of a gunshot wound in her home. Her estranged husband, Daniel Waidelich, was also found dead at the scene. The couple had recently separated. Debra was shot by Daniel, who then turned the gun on himself.

Marine Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach ~ December 2007 (Age 20)
Lauterbach, was nearly eight months pregnant at the time of her death. DNA tests conducted after Laurean's April 2008 arrest, Maria Lauterbach’s married comrade, confirmed that he wasn't the father of Lauterbach's child. It was said Laurean needed to kill Lauterbach to salvage his military career. After initially hatching a plan to have her go AWOL and send her to Mexico so she would be discredited within the Marines, Laurean decided he couldn't risk her returning to North Carolina. So, he lured her to his home to look at baby clothes and other items and then hit her on the head with a crowbar. Two forensics experts said that her blood was found throughout Laurean's garage and on a crowbar that he gave to a Marine buddy two days after Lauterbach was last seen alive. Laurean then built the fire pit in his backyard and had a bonfire during the holidays to cover up the evidence of Lauterbach's death.

Loretta Wandahsega ~ July 12, 2007 (Age 34)
Police found the body of Loretta Wandahsega, a member of the Hannahville Indian community, in her home the day after her marriage to Derek Linklater. Linklater later told court officials that the two of them were in the bedroom when they got into an argument that escalated into physical contact. Loretta died of blunt force trauma to the head. Linklater pleaded guilty to second degree murder. Loretta was the mother of a 7 year old son who was not in the house at the time of the murder.

Armenta White ~ March 23, 2007 (Age 35)
Armenta White's boyfriend of four months, Darryl Sensely, called police to say that he had strangled his girlfriend. Sensely was arrested and charged with first degree murder. Armenta's 7 year old son was in the apartment when the police arrived.

Latasha Norman ~ November 13, 2007
Latasha Norman was last seen Nov. 13 in one of her classes. Her car was left on the campus, but she never returned to her dormitory room when the afternoon class ended. Norman's boyfriend Stanley Cole, 23, was charged the week before with assaulting Norman and released on $500 bond. Norman told police in Pearl, Miss., that Cole hit her in the face during an argument in a restaurant parking lot. She had been trying to their relationship, but was unable to reach an end. Stanley Dwayne Cole, Norman’s boyfriend later confessed to killing her. He then led police to her body and was then arrested and charged with murder.

Cindy Bischof ~ March 7, 2008 (Age 43)
Had an order of protection against former boyfriend Michael L. Giroux, who fatally shot her and then killed himself. Cindy, a Chicago area real estate broker, took the legal steps to ensure her safety and the system failed her. She was shot and killed in her employment parking lot by her ex-boyfriend who had just been released from jail for a violation of the restraining order. Her grieving family turned that tragic event into a real life saving endeavor that will give victims in the state a chance.

Lori Dekleine ~ January 10, 2008
She started to confide in her sister and others about the abuse and manipulation she was subjected to by her husband, who at the time was a Holland MI, police officer. Her husband, Ken DeKleine, killed his wife and then tried to make it look like she hung herself in the homes basement. DeKleine had filed a restraining order, was convicted of her murder in July and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Anna Penn ~ Aug 10, 2008 (Age 42)
Died in the hospital, was the victim of domestic violence

Megan Touma ~ June 22, 2008 (Age 23)
The 23-year-old Touma was found dead June 21 after a motel maintenance supervisor noticed a foul odor coming from a room with a "do not disturb" sign on the door. The dental specialist from Cold Spring, Ky., was seven months pregnant. On July 29, 2008, police arrested boyfriend Edgar Patino and charged him with first-degree murder.

Sgt. Christina Smith ~ September 2008 (Age 29)
was stabbed in the neck while walking near her Fayetteville home with her husband, Sgt. Richard Smith. He has been charged with plotting her death. Passersby heard Christina screaming. They came running to find the woman in a pool of blood, lying on Baxter Street. Someone called 911. It was too late. Christina E. Loehrke Smith, former high school valedictorian and exemplary soldier, died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

2nd Lt. Holley Wimunc ~ July 10, 2008 (Age, 24)
A Fort Bragg nurse was slain in Fayetteville before her body was taken to Onslow County and burned in a shallow grave. The 24 year old woman was first reported missing after she was not found in her burned apartment, of which the cause was arson. She was going through a messy divorce in which she also reported domestic violence and had to obtain a restraining order against her husband, Marine John Wimunc, after he threatened her and then threatened to commit suicide.
In a court filing for a protective order, Wimunc said that in May, her husband had knocked her down, held a loaded gun to her head.
Holley Wimunc’s charred remains were later found near Camp Lejeune buried in a shallow grave. Husband John Wimunc was charged with first degree murder and fellow Marine Lance Cpl. Kyle Alden was charged with felony accessory after the fact to first-degree murder.

Dawn Axsom ~Oct. 20, 2009
Two weeks before she was killed, Dawn Axsom pleaded with Judge Jose Padilla of Maricopa County Superior Court to let her leave Arizona with her son because she feared Gabriel Schwartz, the toddler's father, would harm her or their boy. Padilla denied the 26-year-old's request and ordered the pair to attend parental counseling together. Axsom's body was found in her Peoria residence Friday. Police also found the bodies of Schwartz, 28, and Linda Braden, 56, Axsom's mother.
The violence likely began in the downstairs kitchen, where Schwartz shot Braden. Then, Schwartz went upstairs, shooting Axsom in the master bathroom and killing himself in a bedroom.
When a friend knocked on the door, she heard Axsom and Schwartz's nearly 2-year-old boy crying upstairs.The woman called police, who arrived and found the child unharmed inside his crib. "When the officer took the baby outside, he covered (the child's) eyes so he couldn't see anything," Friends and co-workers who gathered outside Axsom's residence Friday said she was having ongoing custody problems with Schwartz and expressed frustration that the court system wouldn't let her leave Arizona when she knew Schwartz might harm her. Court records show Padilla granted Axsom a protective order against Schwartz four days before the Oct. 6 hearing where he ordered her to attend “parental counseling” with him and denied her request to relocate to Maryland with the pair's son.
Axsom's son was placed into the custody of state Child Protective Services.

Johanna Justin-Jinich~ May 6, 2009 (Age 21)
Student at Weslyan University, was shot and killed. Stephen P. Morgan has been charged with first degree murder in connection with her death. Ms. Justin-Jinich and Morgan had met briefly two years earlier when both attended a summer course at New York University. He called repeatedly and sent 38 harassing e-mail messages. The university and the police were notified by Ms. Justin-Jinich, but he had left town and she declined to press charges.
On the day she was murdered, Morgan walked into the campus bookstore where she worked, raised the gun and opened fire; a point-blank, seven-shot execution.

Shanta Shinell Holland Hicks – June 2009 (Age 28)
Died from stab wounds inflicted by her husband, Tyrone Hicks at their home. Her four children heard their mother’s cries for help before she died. The four children, all younger than 12, ran next door to get help. She died from stab wounds at DCH Regional Medical Center early the next morning, Tyrone Hicks was charged with murder, domestic violence/reckless endangerment and domestic violence/menacing. He was in the Tuscaloosa County Jail on Friday morning with bail set at $100,000 for the murder charge and $1,000 for each of the domestic violence charges.

Amanda Ross ~ September 11, 2009
Amanda Ross, 29, obtained an order of protective against her ex-fiancé after their engagement was broken off. On September 11, 2009, while under this order, she was gunned down outside of her downtown Lexington townhouse by her ex-fiancé, former Kentucky lawmaker Steven Nunn. Initially Nunn was only arrested for violating the protective order, which banned him from contacting Ross. Later, when Nunn was charged with Amanda’s murder, he pleaded not guilty in Circuit Court, to the charges of murder and violating an emergency protective order.

Patricia Williams ~ September 22, 2009
Detroit Police detective shot his wife before turning the gun on himself. Police said trouble had been brewing between Edward and Patricia. Patricia also a Detroit police officer, four days prompting a domestic complaint to be filed with Canton police over the weekend. On the Tuesday after, a male friend of Patricia Williams called police about 8:30 a.m. to report there had been another incident. The caller said Patricia Williams was on her way to the Police Department, she never made it. Her husband shot her in the library parking lot and then shot himself.

Damas Family ~ September 18, 2009
Mesac Damas (33), a man with prior charges of domestic violence, left Miami on flight to Haiti. The next day his wife and 5 children were found slain in Naples, Fl. Damas was later arrested in Haiti and returned to the US where he was charged with 6 counts of first-degree murder

Jennifer Schipsi ~ October 15, 2009 (Age 29)
Was found in her cottage burned beyond recognition. The autopsy showed Jennifer was killed before the fire was started. Her on-and-off boyfriend was arrested on Oct 19 on charges of murder and setting a fire to cover the slaying. Jennifer had also issued a restraining order against Zumot, after their breakup in early February 2008, Zumot harassed Schpsi and was also arrested for making around 88 threats to her in a single day.

Pamela Page ~ January 5, 2009
Pamela Page was shot to death by her husband Michael Page, who then turned the gun on himself.

Mary Esther Avellaneda ~ January 10, 2009 (Age 38)
Jose Andres Avellaneda  (Age 13) Missing
The two left their home in a car with Avellaneda's estranged husband, Jose Cruz. Family members were concerned when Jose Avellaneda returned to the home alone. Family members told sheriff's deputies that the couple had been living apart. Mary Esther Avellaneda was beaten on the head, neck, torso and legs, an autopsy determined after finding her body in a wooded area. The 13-year-old boy remains missing, and officials believe Jose Cruz Avellaneda might be in Mexico. Deputies say Jose Cruz Avellaned has a history of domestic abuse.

Deonna Hiatt ~ January 12, 2009 (Age 19)
Deonna Hiatt, 19, died at 11:30 a.m. on a Monday at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. Authorities found Hiatt unresponsive Sunday night with a gunshot wound to her left temple, bound by the legs with a leather jacket in a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado that belonged to her parents. Scott Hiatt, her estranged husband, was later pulled over, were he then pulled out a gun and began shooting at officers. They returned fire. That’s when he was shot, and took off into the woods,” Atkinson said. Christopher Scott Hiatt had a history domestic violence.

Barbara Jean Phillips ~ January 13, 2009
Barbara Jean Phillips was stabbed to death by her boyfriend William Pittman

Melanie Diana Ray ~ January 22, 2009 (Age 24)
Kevin Marshell Robinson, was charged with first degree murder in the shooting of his wife Melanie Diana Ray. Robinson is also charged with possession of a firearm by a felon. The investigation indicates the victim and suspect argued, while inside of her vehicle, Kevin Marshall Robinson then shot the victim while sitting in the vehicle with her. The victim sustained a single gunshot wound to the head. The boyfriend then fled, later crashing his car where he was obtained.

June P. Carlyle ~ February 24, 2009 (Age 49)
June P. Carlyle was shot to death by her former boyfriend, Jose Manuel Valdez-Masias, 44. . Jose Manuel Valdez-Masias, 44, has been charged with first-degree murder

Charney Danell Watt ~ March 1, 2009 (Age 18)
Her family says that the couple had just broken up. The 18-year-old cheerleader started telling close friends  that Gary Lavon Daniels was beating her behind closed doors. She confided to one friend that Daniels “smacked her like a man” while she sat in a car. She showed her friends a bruise on her back, a memento of a recent argument.Charney Danell Watt was later shot to death by her boyfriend, Gary Lavon Daniels, 19 who was charged with first degree murder

Marcela Rodriguez ~ March 23, 2009 (Age 24)
Marcela Rodriguez, was shot and killed on a Monday evening by her estranged boyfriend Francisco Montenegro, 52. Montenegro also shot at Rodriguez’s mother as she fled the scene with the couple's two small children, authorities said.

Natalie Romine ~ March 28, 2009 (Age 41)
Natalie Romine was shot to death by her husband, James Fredrick Romine, 48. He was later charged with second-degree murder. Deputies responding to a domestic assault call where they found Natalie Romine in the front yard of the couple's home with a gunshot wound to the chest. Paramedics took Natalie Romine to Franklin Regional Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.

Latasha A. Coleman ~ March 29, 2009 (Age 33)
Latasha A. Coleman was shot to death by her boyfriend Scottie Moultrie, 36.

Cynthia Tillett Knighten ~ April 7, 2009 (Age 49)
Clarence Douglas Phillips, 43 killed his girlfriend Cynthia Tillett Knighten and later started a shootout in the woods with sheriff's deputies that killed a lawman. Sheriff’s defense fire later killed Phillips as well.
Officials reported "There was a huge amount of head trauma," describing the injuries inflicted on Cynthia Tillett Knighten . Records with the Department of Corrections show Phillips has a lengthy criminal history, including a 2004 conviction for attempted assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill and communicating threats. Records show he was convicted of assaulting a female in 1999. He also had a number of convictions in the 1980s, including assault with a deadly weapon and resisting an officer. Police say Phillips had a history of domestic violence.Cynthia Tillett Knighten was killed due to blunt force trauma, administered by the hands of her boyfriend Clarence Douglas Phillips, 43.

Yolanda Nikkia Hill ~ April 12, 2009 (Age 31)
Yolanda Nikkia Hill was shot to death by her boyfriend Vernon Price Blackman, 37

Gabrielle Reece ~ April 19, 2009 (Age 19)
Gabrielle was shot in the face by her boyfriend David Bishop, in a trailer behind his father's home. After killing the 19 year old, Mr. Bishop and another man allegedly tried to cover up the crime by moving Ms. Reece's body and burning the chair in which she sat. Bishop was charged with first degree murder.

Dawn Taylor ~ April 24, 2009 (Age 38)
Laverne Bradley Jr., 39, murdered his girlfriend Dawn Taylor in the middle of the street. He then turned the gun on himself. The murder-suicide happened in front of a daycare.

Gracie Locklear ~ April 26, 2009 (Age 59)
Was murdered due to blunt force trauma, by the hands of her ex-husband Kenneth Roderick Chavis, 45

Robin Lovada Jarvis ~ May 3, 2009 (Age 50)
Robin Lovada Jarvis was shot to death by her husband, Larry Eugene Jarvis, 53

Abby Alexander Baughn ~ May 24, 2009 (Age 36)
Randy Martin Baughn, 38, was charged with shooting and killing his wife, an assistant principal at Pinecrest High School.

Jessica Sintara Lee-Morgan ~ May 25, 2009 (Age 35)
Keith Devon Manuel, 32, was charged with first-degree murder in the death of his girlfriend Jessica Sinatra Lee-Morgan. Her body was discovered inside her SUV, she had been stabbed four times.

Ashley Denise Ward ~ May 30, 2009 (Age 24)
Ashley’s body was found in a remote area of a creek by two local fishermen. Preliminary autopsy results have revealed that Ward died from head trauma. Ashley’s ex-boyfriend and father of her one-year-old child, was charges with first degree murder, as well as, second-degree arson and burning personal property, after it was determined that Bolen had allegedly intentionally set a fire at his mobile home.

Yennifer Karina Fuentes ~ June 1, 2009 (Age 31)
Yennifer Karina Fuentes was gunned down by her boyfriend Victor Alfonso Cruz-Garcia, 22.

Jessica Gabrielle Michelle Pannachia-Ellis ~ June 13, 2009 (Age 28)
Jessica Gabrielle Michelle Pannachia-Ellis was gunned down by her boyfriend Joseph Demetrius Muller, 40

Teresa Ann Dickerson ~ June 20, 2009 (Age 35)
Teresa Ann Dickerson was gunned down by her fiancé Douglas Harold McMickle, 40

Catherine Flores ~ July 5, 2009 (Age 34)
Catherine Flores was shot by her husband Jesus Flores, 41, who then turned on the gun on himself.

Lynda Schowengerdy ~ July 8, 2009 (Age 56)
Lynda Schowengerdy was gunned down by her ex-husband William Wesley “Wes” Schowengerd, 53, who then turned the gun on himself.

Lisa Porter ~ July 9, 2009 (Age 47)
Lisa Porter was stabbed to death by her husband Mark Porter, 41

Summer Garas ~ January 12, 2009                                                   
Kirsten Rust (Age 7)
Autumn Rust (Age 6)
Teagin Rust (Age 4)
Evynn Garas (Age 3)
Joshua Steven Durcho (25) strangled his girlfriend Summer Garas and her four children to death with a ligiture. Her was later captured and charged with first degree murder.

Lechea Crawford ~ March 5, 2009 (Age 30)
Her sister Rose Stevens (Age 25)
Rose Stevens' children
Destanee Woods (Age 5)
Deon and Davion Primm (Age 2) twins
All five were shot in the head by Davon Crawford (33), Davon and Lechea were married the monday before. The bodies were not all found in one place, showing that Crawford went room to room. The twins were in the bathroom. Their mother was in the living room. After the massacre Deon then shot himself. Also wounded was Crawford's 7-year-old nephew, who is recovering from a gunshot, wound to his arm at a Medical Center. The boy ran from his home to a neighbor, who applied pressure to the boy's wound and called 9-1-1. Crawford's 2-month-old daughter was also inside the duplex when the shooting started, but was unharmed. Also unharmed was Crawford's 13-year-old son from a previous relationship, who also lived in the house. Crawford had a long criminal record, including a conviction for manslaughter in 1995 and felonious assault with a firearm, endangering children and other charges in 2002.

Asia McGowan ~ April 10, 2009 (Age 20)
Anthony Powell suffered from chronic depression. He displayed a mental ill individual via web cam just days before he used a shotgun to kill Asia McGowan and then himself at Dearborn’s Henry Ford Community College. The video is still widely active on You tube today.

Christine Golon ~ April 30, 2009 (Age 30)
Ashley Kettner (Age 2)
Griffin Kettner (Age 3)
Shane Ketter admitted killing his estranged girlfriend and their two young sons, he has been sentenced to life in prison.

Danielle Keller ~ July 12, 2009 (Age 29)
Mitchell showed up at the Novato home where Keller was living with her mother and killed his ex-girlfriend in the backyard by beating her to death with a baseball bat, before driving off with their daughter. The girl turned 1 the day her mother died. Mitchell was charged with murder, domestic violence, kidnapping, child abduction and child endangerment. The porn mogul’s son has a violent past, in 1991 he was convicted for man slaughter and weapons charges in the shoot death of his brother. Mitchell only served three years.

Donna Carter ~ September 5, 2009
Son Dennis Carter
Grandson Mason (Age 2)
Denis Carter went on a shooting spree, killing his estranged wife, son Dennis and grandson Mason. His pregnant daughter in law, Amanda, six months pregnant, leaped out of a two story window. She was shot in both the kidney and lived, but suffers from spinal damage. Denis Sr. had been arrested three times in 2009 for violating a protection order and domestic abuse. Carter fled the scene where he later shot himself in front of police at a holding exit. Devin, Carter’s son, received a threatening call from his dad the day before the massacre. Devin filed a complaint with the sheriff's office, and a deputy told him about the procedures he would need to do to have his father arrested. But Devin had yet to finish the process by the next day, when his Dennis Sr. went on his rampage.

Yumeka Caldwell ~ July 10, 2009 (Age 21
Yumeka Caldwell was gunned down by her boyfriend Antonio Phifer, 29, who then shot himself.

Amanda Leigh Caskey ~ July 17, 2009 (Age 27)
Amanda Leigh Caskey was gunned down by her boyfriend Terry Anthony Campbell, 30, who then shot himself after an argument between the two. Amanda died in their apartment, Terry died at the hospital hours later. Campbell is the one that made the 911 call about 30 minutes before he shot himself

Sandra Wengerd ~ July 18, 2009 (Age 46)
Sandra Wengerd was shot to death by her boyfriend, James Christopher Boshers, 43. Boshers has an extensive criminal and violent background in South Carolina. His most recent charge was for carrying a concealed weapon in April of this year.

Jaquelyn Larue Gore ~ July 28, 2009 (Age 48)
Jaquelyn was shot to death by her boyfriend Leslie Edward Smith; he called 911 and watched her die, telling dispatchers refusing to help her. The 911 dispatcher asked Leslie if "Is she beyond help?" He replied by saying "She should be, I shot her point blank in the chest." Smith stayed at the scene and was arrested immediately.

Leticia Chavez ~ October 10, 2009
Rodrigo Ortiz Paniagua was arrested for the murder of Leticia Chavez, his pregnant girlfriend, and their 2 daughters, as he sat outside the burning home that contained their bodies.

Fabiola Rodriguez Bastida ~ August 16, 2009 (Age 24)
Fabiola Rodriguez Bastida was shot to death by her boyfriend Homero Cuezas Perez, 28, who later turned the gun on himself.

Angela Hart ~ August 16, 2009 (Age 45)
Angela Hart was stabbed in their home, escaped, then chased down and stabbed to death by her boyfriend Rodney Robinson, 42. Robinson had a history of domestic disputes. Robinson is charged with first-degree murder.

Tammy Pickett ~ September 17, 2009 (Age 20)
Tammy Pickett was gunned down by Daniel Bradley Drayton, 22 , and Tammy Pickett, 20, were found dead inside a car parked in a lot outside a business. It was determined that they pulled off the side of the road at a random point, then Drayton shot Pickett and himself.

Jessy B. Richardson ~ September 21, 2009 (Age 21)
Marine Cpl. Cody Daniel Richardson, 22, strangled his wife to death with his belt. Richardson called 911 two days later reveling to police her body was in the bedroom of their home. He was arrested immediately.

Jammie Shatel Street ~ October 7, 2009 (Age 30)
Jammie Shatel Street was shot to death by her boyfriend Daniel Jerome Montgomery, 31, who then tried to shot himself. He attacked Jammie after she dropped their two children off at a before school care program, both children witnessed the shooting. Montgomery had been charged at least twice with domestic assault and domestic trespass in incidents involving Street. Montgomery was charged immediately with first-degree murder.

Brenda Delphine Parker ~ October 9, 2009 (Age 48)
Brenda Delphine Parker was strangled by Cecil Vann Parker, 55

Kathryn Maxwell ~ November 2, 2009 (Age 43)
Connor Maxwell (Age 17)
Cameron Maxwell (Age 15)
William Maxwell Jr. shot his wife and two children, before turning the gun on himself.

Tigist Yemane ~ November 7, 2009 (Age 23)
Tigist Yemane was gunned down by her boyfriend Davon Londell Thomas, 27

Virginia Tillman Moll ~ November 10, 2009 (Age 21)
Virginia Tillman Moll was reported missing by her sister, her husband Soyer Lewis Moll, 20 was charged in the strangulation death of Virginia. Soyer and Virginia got into and an argument when Soyer then killed the 21 year-old, be buried her body in a shallow grave under a fallen tree about a quarter mile from where the couple lived. Soyer was later charged with first degree murder

Janet Mills McPherson ~ December 11, 2009 (Age 42)
Janet Mills McPherson was gunned down by her husband Stephen Derick McPherson, 36, who later killed himself.

Paola Aguilera Ayala ~ December 30, 2009 (Age 24)
Paola Aguilera Ayala shot to death by her ex-boyfriend Arturyro Garcia Martinez, 20, who later shot himself

LaSheira Hall ~ February 28, 2010 (Age 29)
A mother of three, one 9-year-old and one 6-month-old, and a 5-year-old son, was fatally shot by the father of one of her children. LaSheira was asleep at her aunt’s house following an argument with her ex-boyfriend Tracy Gilliam. Gilliam had been told to leave the house earlier, which he did. But around 5 a.m., he returned and shot Hall. She was hit multiple times, and died about an hour. Family members said the couple’s 6-month-old daughter was in Hall’s arms when she was shot.

Connie Lynn Asbury – February 2010
Carl Vance used a telephone cord to strangle her to death. Deputies responded and found the door to the bathroom had been forced open. Asbury's body was in the shower stall with clothing and food thrown on top of her. Detectives also found blood soaked clothing and towels in the room, according to court records.

Berlitz Alvelo ~ April 24, 2010
Berlitz Alvelo took a hammer blow to her head, stab wounds to her torso, bites to her arm and a broken beer bottle thrust into her face during her five-year relationship with Jose Antonio Maisonet-Maldonado.
Maldonado later stabbed and ran over Berlitz, killing her. Maldonado also killed two others during his fit of rage, causing a horrific car accident. The Saturday night's deadly events came after years of domestic-violence complaints involving Maisonet-Maldonado and Alvelo, according to court records. Maisonet-Maldonado had been arrested on four domestic-violence charges since 2005. He was also arrested in 2007 as a result of a domestic-violence incident.

Robin Whitaker ~ June 8, 2009
Recently broke up with boyfriend John "J.B." Burke and moved out of the area. On a Tuesday morning, Burke made the trip north to where she was and parked his pickup truck in front of the home of his former girlfriend, who was newly married. Within minutes, the Whitakers were dead and Burke had a self-inflicted gunshot wound that would claim his life at a hospital.
Robin was in her car, apparently about to leave for work when she was gunned down When Charles "Chuck" Whitaker, 48, came to the front door, he too was killed,.
Robin had left Burke several years ago for Chuck. Since their breakup, she said Burke had been stalking the couple.

Kindra Maurice ~ May 21, 2010 (Age 21)
Kindra Maurice was shot to death after being forced inside of an apartment by Jean L. Touze, 30, A child in the apartment witnessed the murder. She was the mother of Touze's 14-month-old son

Tabatha Hancock ~ July 20, 2010 (Age 28)
Logan Daniel Hancock (Age 8 months)
Oxford Police Officer William Luther “Bill” Hancock murdered his wife Tabatha Murphy Hancock and their 8-month-old son, Logan Daniel Hancock. A preliminary investigation revealed all suffered from gunshot wounds…William Hancock turned the gun on himself.

Shelly Grengs ~ September 30, 2010 (Age 45)

Shelly Grengs was shot to death by her husband Max Grengs, who then shot himself. The couple had five children between the ages of eight to 17. Max Grengs also had two older children. Police say there had been prior incidents of domestic violence.

Judy Beth (Jones) Coulson
Beloved Sister and Aunt
Murdered by her ex- husband. She was shot twice in the back with a shotgun and died trying to reach the phone for help.

Denise Robin Edwards
Murdered by her boyfriend.

Stacy Williams
Shot by her husband, a Memphis, Tennessee firefighter, before he set their house on fire.

Regina Taylor (Age 22)
Died of injuries she sustained after being struck by her boyfriend's car while she was trying to flee him after he had repeatedly beaten and raped her.

Deborah Speraccio
Beaten to death by her husband, Joseph Speraccio.

Meghan Bingham
Shot to death, along with her boyfriend, Jesse Woodward, by the estranged father of Meghan's daughter.

Shirley Ann Pavlovski

Brenda Cooper

Domestic Violence Awareness Pictures, Images and Photos
Domestic Violence Spreads
Sometimes, abuse can be directed at one person only to be suffered by others. 

Diane Lemire ~ March 15, 1983 (Age 22)

Beloved Daughter and Sister
Stabbed to death by her brother in law while he was looking for her sister. He received 23 years to Life and is scheduled to be released in 2006.

Elicia Bolivar ~ June 21, 2003 (Age 10)
Beloved Daughter, Granddaughter, Niece, Friend
Elicia was shot by her father when he was trying to kill Elicia's mother. The bullet hit Elicia instead. He was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Antonio Robles ~ March 1992 (Age 13)

Beloved Son, Brother, Cousin, Friend
"His sister was in a bad relationship with a man who refused to let her break up with him. He stalked the house where Antonio, his mom, and his cousins were. He busted in the front door looking for his estranged girlfriend and when he couldn't find her, he shot Antonio (13), his mother Elva (43) and two cousins who were visiting, Naomi (10) and Jose (the only survivor, age 6). Antonio was pronounced dead the next morning. His killer is now spending three life sentences in prison".

Samantha Michelle Washington ~ March 4, 1988 (newborn)
Beloved Daughter and Sister
March 3, 1988- March 4, 1988
Born at 26 weeks as a result of domestic violence due to a vicious assault on her mother by her military father. "I never got the chance to hold you or tell you how much I love you and how sorry I am for not fighting hard enough to protect you. You've been gone 16 years and it doesn't get any easier. Me, your sisters Yvonne and Veronica, and your brother Daniel miss you very much. Love Mom."

Violet Ruedas ~ December 17, 2004

Beloved daughter
Deeply missed by her mother, brother & extended family.
Mother believes Violet's father contributed to her demise. Cause of death was not able to be proved beyond doubt.

Michael Jeffers ~ December 4, 2007 (Age 16)
Madison Moshiri ~ December 3, 2007 (Age 4)
"Shot in the head and killed by their step-father/father Shahin Moshiri in a murder/suicide in their home in Jackson, MO. Also shot in the head were their mother Katherine Moshiri and sister Meghan Moshiri (2) who both survived. The day of the massacre, Katherine Moshiri feared for herself and her children's safety seeking help, but her and her children were turned away from a shelter because one of her children was too old. After learning she couldn't stay at the shelter, Moshiri filed for an order of protection against her husband less than two hours before the shooting rampage. They are dearly loved and missed".

Andrew "Andyroo" Burk ~ May 7, 2000 (Age 11 months)
Beloved Son of Staci Burk
Andrew became an angel May 7, 2000 at 11 months of age. His mother was in the process of leaving Andrew's father due to domestic violence against her, when this suspicous death occurred. His death was ruled undetermined, however the circumstances are supicious of his father. However the case will remain open.

Devlin Weaver ~ December 18, 2003 (Age 6)

Daelin Fregia (Age 2)
During the summer of 2002, Erin had been through enough and made the decision to end the relationship with Mark. Custody of Daelin would be shared by the two parents. A short time after she left him, Mark was looking through the window of her home and saw her with another man. After breaking into the house, he choked Erin and though she was naked, he dragged her out of the house, only letting her go after neighbors called the police. Mark was arrested and was out on bail by December 18, 2003. Mark made a call to Erin asking her to go Christmas shopping with him at Toys R Us. Erin agreed to go and arranged to meet him a block from the home of her boyfriend, who she was staying with at the time. After noticing they were going the wrong way, she asked him where he was taking her and demanded that he stop the car.
Mark asked Devlin to pass him his soda and she did. Immediately when the cap was removed from the soda, Erin smelled gas. Mark started pouring the gas over her and when she looked over at him, he was holding two lighters, it was then that he set her on fire. Grabbing the steering wheel, Erin managed to get the car to the side of the road. With the children in the back seat of the car, both Erin and Mark got out and tried to put the fire out. Erin was completely engulfed and Mark only had a bit of fire on his pants. According to several witnesses, Mark didn't make any attempts to try to save the children, he was also not trying to help Erin. As the car started to roll backwards down a slope, Erin started chasing it screaming that he had killed her babies. While Erin was trying to save her children, Mark was trying to find a ride away from the scene. According to witnesses, Mark stole the car of a woman who had stopped to help, pushing her daughter out of the way and taking off in the car. When firefighters finally arrived, they found the children had both burned to death in the backseat of the car. Erin suffered burns over 80% of her body, though she did survive, she was in the hospital for over a year with most of that time being spent in a coma. Mark was convicted and sentenced to life in prison, he showed no emotion as the verdict was read.

Heather Brook ~ July 8, 2009 (Age 8)

Ricky Lee Blackwell and his estranged wife had been separated. On Wednesday, July 8th, 2009, when Blackwell saw her show up next door with Heather, the daughter of his estranged wife’s live-in boyfriend, Blackwell lost it. He stormed across the two connected yards, open the car door and pulled Heather out. He put the young girl in a headlock, pulled out a pistol and shot Heather Center in the head. He let her limp body go, and as she fell, he shot her three more times. Heather Brook Center, 8 years old, (preferred to be called Brook), had gone to the home with her father’s girlfriend expecting to spend the day swimming and playing with the other kids who lived at the house. Blackwell fled into the woods that lined the backyards of the homes on that street. He revealed himself to police with a gun he used to shoot himself in the side. The shot did not kill him.

George Irwin ~ July 24, 2007 (Age 47)

On July 24, George Irwin heard his sister in law screaming at her estranged boyfriend, Robert Hall. George went to help her. Police believe that Hall stabbed his estranged girlfriend multiple times and then stabbed George. When George fell to the ground from a chest wound, Hall resumed stabbing his estranged girlfriend. George died at the scene and his sister-in-law was seriously injured, but released from a local hospital one week later. The estranged girlfriend said that she and Hall had been dating for about a year and that he was abusive to her throughout; she was trying to end the relationship. Hall was charged with the George's murder and with assault with intent to murder his estranged girlfriend.

Officer Robert Kozminski ~ July 8, 2007 (Age 29)

On July 8, Officer Robert Kozminski and other officers responded to a domestic
disturbance involving the ex-husband of a woman at the residence. The ex-husband, Jeffrey Scott VanVeis, was inside the residence with a shotgun, threatening to kill the family. Officer Kozminski went to the rear of the residence, where the suspect was lying in wait in the garage. The suspect shot Officer Kozminski in the head with a shotgun round. Officer Kozminski died at a local hospital as a result of his injury. Police arrested VanVeis at the scene; he was subsequently convicted of first degree murder. Officer Kozminski was a seven year veteran of the Grand Rapids Police Department. He left behind a 3 year old daughter.

Marlon Gresham – June 6, 2006 (Age 31)

On June 6, Marlon Gresham was in the Muskegon Heights home of his girlfriend, Kayeda Hector, when the father of Kayeda's 4 children, Rudolf McKinney, entered her home and shot Marlon five times at close range. Marlon died on the sidewalk in front of Kayeda's house. Marlon was not armed at the time of the murder. Kayeda and McKinney allegedly had an on-again off-again romantic relationship. McKinney was sentenced to prison for nine to 30 years for manslaughter, plus an additional two years for using a firearm

Han Huang –April 23, 2006 (Age 71)
On April 23, Han Huang heard his daughter and her husband arguing. The husband went upstairs in the home and returned with a semiautomatic gun. As he came down the stairs, the husband shot his wife and Han Huang several times before turning the gun on himself. The wife survived the shooting. Two children of the couple, ages 5 and 8, were in the home at the time of the murder as was Han Huang's wife.

William Jedrzejek – (Age 22)
William Jedrzejek was a bystander in the parking lot of a bar where he observed Edmond Dodaj get into a physical altercation with a woman who is Dodaj's girlfriend. William was shot three times by Dodaj as he stepped in to break up the altercation between Dodaj and the girlfriend. William died from the gunshot wounds he received.

Kevin Robert Johnston ~ September 21, 2006 (Age 34)

On September 21, Tammara Alexander's estranged husband, Gregory Alexander, called her. Alexander was waiting outside the home where she was living with her boyfriend, Kevin Robert Johnson. When Kevin returned from work, Alexander shot Kevin repeatedly, killing him. Alexander then phoned his estranged wife shortly after the killing and said he planned to also kill himself, which he did. Police found his body outside his vehicle one half mile from the scene of the shooting. Police confirmed that Tammara had recently filed for a divorce from Alexander and had filed a PPO against him.

Adolph Little ~ March 15, 2006 (Age 43)
On March 15, Adolph Little was allegedly stabbed to death outside his apartment by his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, Alan Lee Thompson. The girlfriend testified in court that Thompson had called several times the previous day threatening to kill Adolph. Thompson is charged with the murder.

George Turner III  ~ December 23, 2006 (Age 33)

James Ketchens ~ (Age 40)
On December 23, Anthony Dixon, an assistant principal Gardner Middle School, came to a home where his ex-wife was visiting with relatives. He had a handgun and a pistol with him. James Ketchens (brother of ex-wife) was apparently trying to protect people inside the home when Dixon shot and killed him. Dixon also shot and killed George Turner III, who was at the home and was the boyfriend of Dixon's ex-wife. Dixon then turned the gun on himself. Eight children were left fatherless in the murder spree.

Martha Wallace ~ (Age 45)
Martha Wallace's daughter and granddaughter were living with her when the daughter's boyfriend, Christopher A. Lucas, got into a fight with Martha. Lucas punched and kicked Martha, then jumped on her head leaving shoe prints on her face. Martha died from the beating and Lucas was convicted of second degree murder. Lucas had prior convictions for stalking, harassing and threatening to kill a former girlfriend.

Rosetta Williams ~ February 26, 2008 (Age 38)
Alari Davis ~ (Age 54)
On February 26, Rosetta Williams was sitting in the balcony of her church just as the service was about to begin. Her daughter's ex-boyfriend, Kevin Collins, was waiting in the balcony where he approached Rosetta and demanded to know where his girlfriend was. Rosetta would not tell him. Collins began to leave the balcony and then swung around with a sawed off shotgun which he began firing. He shot Rosetta four times, killing her. He also wounded a 9-year-old girl sitting next to Rosetta. He fired at another man in the balcony who tried to grab him. Then he fired in the general direction of the pulpit before fleeing the church. Collins then left the church and went outside where he attempted to car-jack a car from a woman on the street. The woman's husband, Alari Davis, attempted to interrupt the carjacking and was shot by Collins. Alari later died as a result of the shooting. Collins then fled to the back of a home where police cornered him. He pointed the gun at police and then he shot and killed himself. Collins girlfriend had been severely assaulted in the same church by him three weeks earlier. His girlfriend went to the police and filed a report saying she wanted him arrested. Police told her they would pursue the case. The case was never brought to the prosecutor's office and Collins was not arrested. Relatives stated that Collins was angry because his girlfriend refused to marry him.

Brenda Henry ~ November 18, 2006 (Age 42)

On November 18, Brenda's body was found in a field near the location of a party she had been attending the previous night with her ex-husband. Capac police had responded to four or five domestic incidents involving Brenda and her ex-husband. Her ex-husband had also served 18 months for stabbing her with a two-pronged fork in 2003. Her ex-husband (whose name was not given) was questioned and released by police.

Dolores “Dee” Lubaczewski ~ November 27, 2006 (Age 60)
On November 27, Dolores Lubaczewski was allegedly bludgeoned to death by a co-worker who had a romantic interest in her, which she did not return. Police found Dolores dead in her home. The co-worker, Howard Brown, is accused of beating her to death with a metal pipe.

Amy Martin ~ March 16, 2006 (Age 21)
On March 16, Amy Martin and her husband, Patrick O. Martin, had stopped at a rest area along a freeway and Amy had demanded to be let out of the couple's van. Martin sped off in the van before Amy was able to get out completely. Amy had caught her jacket on the door and was being pulled along the vehicle and likely run over by it. Martin pleaded no contest to a charge of negligent homicide.

Shalanda Burt - Age 19

"After the law turns you away, society closes its doors on you, and you find yourself trapped in a life with someone capable of homicide. What choice in the end was I given?" asks Shalanda Burt, 21. A week after she delivered their first baby, James raped her and ripped her stitches. Several times she tried to leave or get help. "I would have a bloody mouth and a swollen face. All the police would do is give me a card with a deputy's name on it and tell me it was a 'lovers' quarrel.' The battered women's shelter was full. All they could offer was a counselor on the phone." The end came on a Christmas weekend when Shalanda was three months pregnant at the time.. After a particularly vicious beating, James Fairley followed her to her aunt's house. When he decided to continue the beating there, she shot him. she was told by a female public defender to take a plea bargain and 17 years. "I wanted to fight. But she said I'd get life or the electric chair.

Cpl Arlie Jones – September 8, 2007 Age 48

Cpl John “Scott” Gardner - September 8, 2007 Age 30

Larry White shot and killed the two police officers and critically injured a third while they were responding to a report of a domestic violence call. White’s wife came out and told officers her husband had hit her and fled to the neighbors home.
Larry White, held police in a four-hour standoff until he surrendered around 10 p.m due to being shot in the abdomen, White survived the shooting.

Sgt. Paul Starzyk – September 6, 2008 Age 47

Was shot to death by Jose Felix Sandoval after he responded to a domestic violence call at Elegant Hair Design. Jose Felix Sandoval, was in search of his estranged wife, when he killed her cousin and the police sergeant. The incident ended when Sandoval was fatally shot by police officers.

Deputy Burt Lopez – April 25, 2009

Deputy Warren "Skip" York – April 25, 2009

Joshua Cartwright was being pursued after beating his wife when he killed two sheriff's deputies at a shooting range. Cartwright shot the deputies after they shocked him with a Taser. Deputies were pronounced dead while being air lifted to a county hospital. He then fled across the county line, where he died in an exchange of gunfire with deputies.Cartwright had been arrested in November on a charge of domestic battery against his wife, Elizabeth Marie Cartwright, 21. That charge was still pending.